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More and more renowned scientists worldwide publish their researches on the favorable impact of CBD on the human body. Not only does this natural compound deal with physical symptoms, but also it helps with emotional disorders. Distinctly positive results with no side effects make CBD products nothing but a phenomenal success.

This organic product helps cope with:

  • Tight muscles
  • Joint pain
  • Stress and anxiety
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  • Sleep disorder

Range of Products

We have created a range of products so you can pick the most convenient ones depending on your needs and likes.

CBD Capsules Morning/Day/Night:

CBD Capsules

These capsules increase the energy level as you fight stress and sleep disorder. Only 1-2 capsules every day with your supplements will help you address fatigue and anxiety and improve your overall state of health.

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CBD Tincture

CBD Tincture

No more muscle tension, joints inflammation and backache with this easy-to-use dropper. Combined with coconut oil, CBD Tincture purifies the body and relieves pain. And the bottle is of such a convenient size that you can always take it with you.

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Pure CBD Freeze

Pure CBD Freeze

Even the most excruciating pain can be dealt with the help of this effective natural CBD-freeze. Once applied on the skin, this product will localize the pain without ever getting into the bloodstream.

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Pure CBD Lotion

Pure CBD Lotion

This lotion offers you multiple advantages. First, it moisturizes the skin to make elastic. And second, it takes care of the inflammation and pain. Coconut oil and Shia butter is extremely beneficial for the health and beauty of your skin.

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  • The top growth markets restaurant brands look to when expanding their restaurant unit count. While it's common to look at the nation's top markets for restaurant expansion, there is value in evaluating smaller, but still promising markets. Today, we're taking a look at some of the fastest growing restaurant markets in the US and sharing key indicators you can look for in identifying.

    & Markets Restaurants

    Be sure to try the salty black licorice, one of our favorite things to eat in Helsinki. Buy some extra chocolate to give as gifts. There are no better Helsinki souvenirs than edible souvenirs.

    The stalls at Hakaniemi Market Hall sell all kinds of local foods for the masses. Is the extra cost worth it? Filled with character and characters, Hakaniemi Market Hall provides a wealth of photo opportunities for food travel photographers.

    Popular with both locals and tourists, Kauppatori Market Square is a great spot to buy seasonal food in Helsinki Finland that you can enjoy on the spot or later. This market also sells local crafts, making it a one-stop souvenir destination. Though the market comes alive during the warm summer months, the market is a year-round destination and always features seasonal products. Tired of hamburgers and pizza? Kauppatori Market Square is a great spot to try genuine Finnish fare in a casual setting.

    The food hall underneath the Stockmann department store is one of the best places to shop in Helsinki. A modern department store housed in an iconic Art Nouveau building, the Stockmann department store is a mandatory destination for anybody who chooses to visit Helsinki — especially food lovers. The centrally located department store is just steps away from the train station.

    Though the winter days are short in Helsinki, the Christmas markets make them extra special. Pictured here is the famous St. Similar to nearby Stockholm , Helsinki is a city that fully embraces the fika concept of daily coffee breaks. With its residents drinking an average of 12 kg of coffee each year, more than anywhere else in the world, Helsinki has a burgeoning world-class coffee scene or should we say kahvi scene?

    We drank a lot of good coffee during our week in Helsinki, and these were our favorite Helsinki coffee shops. As self-proclaimed coffee connoisseurs code word for coffee snobs , we know good coffee when we taste it, and Kaffa Roastery makes good coffee. Kaffa Roastery serves a selection of handcrafted pour over coffees as well as the normal array of espresso-based drinks, all made with beans roasted on site.

    This drink will transport you straight to Saigon but with better coffee. Although Kaffa Roastery and Papu Cafe share our vote for the best coffee in Helsinki, we enjoyed plenty more good coffee during our visit.

    To fuel our energy and warm us up during our winter strolls, we enjoyed coffee breaks at centrally located Torrefazione and Think Cafe, both serving quality cappuccinos and tasty treats. Think Cafe is located at Aleksanterinkatu 7, Helsinki, Finland.

    Here are a few bar suggestions to get you started. A little time can make a big difference. Such is the case with A21 , a trendy cocktail bar located in a former sex shop. Instead of selling sex, A21 serves sexy drinks crafted with local ingredients and top shelf liquors. Not sure how to enter A21? Just ring the bell for entry. A21 was located at Annankatu 21, Helsinki, Finland.

    The bar is now permanently closed. Bier Bier provides a varied selection of beers brewed in Finland and around the world. Like many cities around the world, Helsinki has a happening craft beer scene. Order cider if you want a break from beer.

    Despite its name, Bier Bier has an eclectic cider selection including bottles from France. Bier Bier is located at Erottajankatu 13, Helsinki, Finland. Just down the block from big brother Juuri see above and a few steps below the busy cityscape, Latva is a cozy wine bar for grown-ups. This is the kind of bar where friends can meet up and pair glasses of sparkling wine paired with plates of sapas and cheese.

    Be sure to try a sapas or two. Latva is located at Korkeavuorenkatu 25, Helsinki, Finland. Gin is quite the rage all over the world from Spain to South Africa, and Helsinki is no exception to this rule. Could there be a better way to act globally while drinking locally? Grab a bite at nearby B-Smokery see above before ordering cocktails at Tislaamo Distillery Bar to avoid drinking on an empty stomach. Beyond being one of the most walkable cities in the world, Helsinki has lots of culture starting with its majestic churhes and art-filled museums.

    Taking the ferry to Tallinn Estonia? Check out our Tallinn Food Guide for the best food and drinks in the Estonian capital city. We stayed at two awesome hotels during our week in Helsinki and loved both of them. Shrimp in Helsinki taste better than in most cities. The cranberry adds a colorful kick to this cockerel plate at Juuri.

    Slow cooked barbecue in Helsinki. Silence of the Lambs Pizza. Going with the nautical theme, we ordered crispy red mullets pictured at the top of this article and cheesy saganaki with mussels. Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, these meatballs were the best we ate in all of Athens and reason enough for a repeat visit.

    The restaurant has a vast ouzo selection which you can enjoy before, during or after your meal. Filled with Ximomizthra cheese, this sarikopita was coated in honey and sesame seeds. As we found out, these crowds gather for two reasons — great food and reasonable prices. We never ate kaisaria patties before. These beauties, filled with pastrami, Gouda cheese and tomatoes, turned us into kaisaria fans.

    Standout dishes during our meals included Graviera cheese saganaki with honey and black onion seeds, sarikopita with Xinomizithra cheese also with honey and sesame seeds and kaisaria patties filled with pastrami, Gouda cheese and tomatoes.

    However, our favorite dish had to be the kleftiko, a creative dish involving pork, feta, herbs and bell peppers in parchment. Unique yet familiar, the pork in this dish was cooked to melty goodness and served with roasted peppers flavors that tasted like Greece. The Black Sheep has several seafood options.

    Pictured here are steamed mussels with white wine, spring onions and garlic. Go to The Black Sheep with a friend and order the roasted lamb with potatoes and gamopilafo rice. Slow cooked for six hours, this lamb is the house specialty and is big enough to share. This Lebanese flatbread is topped with minced beef, homemade tomato paste, eggs, spices and watercress.

    Located in a modern, vaulted ceilinged, loungey space, SAH serves a collage of food inspired by the entire Mediterranean region, from the Middle East to Spain and everywhere in between.

    But being that this is a Greek restaurant, diners can still order a tomato salad with dakos barley rusks without shame or disappointment. SAH has a creative cocktail menu as well as a varied selection of regional wines.

    Though on the pricier side, the drinks include top-shelf liquor and are generously sized. This Syrian dish gets extra flavor from pine nuts, parsley, onion and garlic.

    Located in a pleasant Gazi space, A Little Taste of Home serves an Athens menu that knows no bounds, from slow-roasted Greek lamb shank and Belgian waterzooi to Chinese rice noodles. The restaurant also serves guacamole, not a common food in Greece. This Talagani cheese starter had a lot going on with flowers, spherified gels and lemon sauce.

    Somehow it worked both visually and on our taste buds. Owned by Syrian and Palmyra native Ahmad Alssaleh, the restaurant has been open since Alssaleh also serves a killer starter of Talagani cheese think halloumi but locally sourced and creamier garnished with surprisingly gastronomic accouterments like tiny spherified fruit balls.

    A Little Taste of Home makes a unique version using pomegranate seeds. Dishes change daily and the restaurant even serves soup in the morning.

    The sutzukaki at Epirus Tavern tastes like home — if your home is in Greece. After eating either breakfast or lunch at Epirus, you can take a quick walk to Krivos see below and have loukoumades for dessert.

    Though intended as an accompaniment to grilled pork chops, we could have eaten this kafteri on its own. It was that good. Some restaurants offer a wide range of options to satisfy all diners. Minotavros is not one of these restaurants. Instead, Minotavros specializes in grilled pork chops and kafteri, a spicy sauce with tomatoes, feta cheese extra virgin olive oil and chili peppers.

    Pounded and well seasoned, the pork chops at Minotavros are served over a bed of french fried potatoes. Portions are large at Minatavros. Philos, located in the ultra-chic Kolonaki neighborhood, serves generously sized brunch portions of Greek and American fare in a gorgeous space.

    Hungry for some Greek yogurt? This very well may be the best breakfast in Athens Greece. Finding buttery, American style, pancakes in Greece surprised us in a good way. Philos also makes formidable pancakes which they serve American-style in a giant, buttery stack with a choice of toppings. The highly sweet, buttery cakes live up to their billing. If you happen to be in Athens on a Saturday night and you really want to eat like a local, hop on the M3 metro toward the Airport get off at Holargos station and head over to ThaMa.

    Different from a French omelet, this Greek omelet was stuffed with wild artichoke and Feta cheese. We also enjoyed a special Greek omelet stuffed with wild artichoke and feta during our meal at ThaMa. Greek cuisine may be the simplest in the world and this omelet, cooked in olive oil to a golden brown and lightly speckled with crunchy sea salt, epitomizes the kind of great, uncomplicated, food we love to eat in Greece. This Diavola pizza was topped with tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, ricotta and spicy salami.

    We had asked many locals for their favorite local pizza spot. Since we like to try local pizza when we travel, this made us sad. Though we shared one pie as part two of our progressive lunch, we could have easily eaten one each for a meal.

    Cats are everywhere in Athens. In our opinion, tavernas are the best restaurants in Athens Greece for those who want to eat local food with local people. We ate at several tavernas including Rozalia during our time in Athens. We enjoyed sitting outside next to street art an with a front row view for people watching.

    We never bored of saganaki in Athens. Each restaurant prepared the cheese differently. Rozalia serves theirs fried and topped with honey and sesame seeds. Though we enjoyed our saganaki at Rozalia, the grilled calamari was rubbery and had a fishy flavor. Perhaps we should have stuck to small plates for this meal. Rozalia has a large variety of starters including mezzes that servers walk around for show. However, a meal here is not worth a special trip. Two seafood cones are better than one at Zisis.

    Pictured here are cones with calamari and anchovies. Zisis attracted us with ira novel takeaway menu of fried seafood in cones served over french fries. These cones come in eight choices including prawns, sardines, calamari and anchovy. Though diners can take away seafood the cones, we ate ours at a high top table directly in front of the stand.

    The restaurant also offers table service with higher priced menu items. The best Athens restaurants elevate local food to exciting levels. Pictured here are crayfish and taramosalata starters at Varoulko Seaside. Despite the quantity and quality of casual restaurants and tavernas in Athens, the city also has quite a few fine dining options.

    Adding to the mix, newer upscale restaurants like CTC — Restaurant Urban Gastronomy and Nolan are additional options for longer visits. This octopus starter at Hytra features smoked aubergine caviar, chickpea and fennel salad. After researching our options, we decided to dine at two of the Michelin starred restaurants during our visit. Though more expensive than other top restaurants in Athens, these restaurants are competitively priced compared to similar restaurants in other European capitals.

    The dining room at Varoulko Seaside transports diners away from Athens and straight to a Greek island. We were excited to dine at Varoulko Seaside, a one-star Michelin restaurant in Pireas with a seafood-focused menu and a location right on the water. After scoring a reservation, we took two metros and a bus there for a weekday lunch.

    Once we arrived, we knew that we were in for a special experience. Adding insult to injury, a runner served our clams so clumsily that she splashed clam juice all over our table and failed to offer us bread to sop up the savory clam juice that remained in the bowl. Plus, we never received a wine list despite asking for it twice. We ultimately ordered glasses of wine without seeing the full menu. Simply prepared with garlic and Limnos wine, the steamed clams at Varoulko Seaside burst with flavor and tasted like the sea.

    That being said, all the food was great and some of the items that we ordered were extraordinary. Highlights included dolmades imaginatively stuffed with squid ink risotto served along with calamari grilled to a slight but pleasing char and slightly toothsome al dente chew; swankily plated, ultra creamy, slightly salty taramosalata with roe and chives; and salty, briny orzo served with prawns that transported our taste buds deep into the nearby Aegean Sea.

    One plate of orzo with prawns was big enough for us to share at Varoulko Seaside. Beyond orzo and plump prawns, ingredients included Limnio wine, dried hot pepper flakes and Parmesan cheese. Varoulko is a worthy splurge. Hidden under foam, the celeriac starter has mushrooms, cashew nuts and Kariki cheese from Tinos. Located at the top of the ultra-sleek, ultra-chic Onassis Cultural Centre, Hytra is an upscale Athens restaurant that celebrates Greek cuisine.

    The same kitchen prepares both menus, so basic is a relative term. A server poured honey mustard sauce on our smoked pork chop during our dinner at Hytra. Andrea Siggrou , Athina 45, Greece. The hotel restaurant put their own stamp on the Greek classic. Due to the vast number of visitors who stream through Athens on their way to the Greek isles, Athens has a lot of hotels ranging from small boutique hotels to large multi-national chain hotels.

    Most of these hotels cater to guests with plentiful breakfast buffets and onsite restaurants. We ate at the following two Athens hotel restaurants worthy of mention in our guide. Beyond the decor, young chefs add modern twists to Mediterranean classics, turning simple salads into beautiful dishes. Normally sweet and smothered in honey, these cheese-filled loukoumades served on a stick were a savory, luscious surprise. Order wine with your meal.

    The bistro serves a thoughtful selection of Greek wines plus a few Italian varieties for good measure. The traditional Greek moussaka at the St. Mount Lycabettus offers some of the best views of Athens.

    Prices skew higher but the views and large serving sizes justify the expense. Plan your dinner around the sunset. Popular with both budget travelers and locals, foods like souvlaki and gyros fill the belly without breaking the bank.

    But these are just a couple of the street food options you will find in Athens. We discovered some of the best Athens cheap eats during a Greeking.

    Watch our YouTube video and read on to see our favorite foods sold by Athens street vendors. We recommend that you take an Athens food tour soon after you arrive in Athens so that you can start enjoying the local food scene right away. Each circle-shaped pastry has just 80 calories. Tiny Mam sells a selection of cheese pies to lines of hungry cheese pie fans. Cheese pies are the ideal Greek fast food for people on the go. The key in Athens is to know where to buy the best cheese pies.

    Mam sells a selection of cheese pies with fillings like feta cheese, spinach and sausage. Mam also sells tiny Greek pizzas which we highly recommend. Though the bakery sells a range of cheese pie options, the most popular is the simple kourou pie filled with feta. Ariston fills these oval buttery gems with a savory cheese that is not too sweet with just the right bite. Greek cheese pies are more filling than they look. From super-popular Kosta to lesser-known souvlaki stands, we checked them all out and have the souvlaki bellies as proof.

    Since souvlakis are cheap in Athens, this research endeavor did not break our bank. Watch our YouTube video to see us eat the best souvlaki in Athens. Warning — this video will make you hungry. Check out our souvlaki guide for the best places to eat souvlaki in Athens. We ate this one at a spot immediately across from the Athens central market. Use your own discretion about tipping in Athens. We recommend tipping only about 5 to 10 percent based on service.

    In casual cheap restaurants, it may not be necessary to tip at all. Why shop at supermarkets in Athens when the markets sell the best local products? Locals shop for food daily at Athens markets and specialty shops. Sure you can find supermarkets in Athens, but most local food is better and cheaper when you shop at markets and specialty shops instead.

    Market culture goes back centuries in Athens. As a tourist, you can learn about this culture when you visit the Ancient Agora of Athens near the equally ancient Acropolis. You can also visit modern markets where locals shop every day for all sorts of food products and non-edible items. Beyond an abundance of fresh fish, we found an accordion player and Christmas decorations during our early summer visit.

    The market also has a produce section with all sorts of fruits and vegetables as well as a thriving meat market. We were impressed by three things we walked through the meat section. First, the market is remarkably clean.

    Second, the butchery work is immaculate and detailed. And, third, the meat prices are a great deal. Get your weekend shopping done on Saturday. Varvakios Market is closed on Sundays. Most Athens neighborhoods host weekly markets where farmers and vendors sell their wares to the locals.

    These wares include all of the ingredients needed to make a Greek salad plus fruits, fish, flowers and dry goods. We shopped at the local market in Pagrati every Friday while we were in Athens. Our favorite purchases included strawberries, cherries, olives, peppers and eggs — the perfect ingredients for our Athens diet plan. Bring a canvas bag when you shop at neighborhood markets in Athens.

    Shoppers can buy food to eat later or on the spot. Here are some shops to check out when you make this stroll:. Ariana has been selling olives, the most ancient Greek product, since The shop sells a variety including world-popular Kalamata as well as green olives, cured olives and stuffed olives — all priced by the kilo. Beyond olives, Ariana sells Greek honey and pickled vegetables. The staff at Ariana will let you sample olives before you decide which to buy.

    Our Miran charcuterie plate included Cretian croutons, dolmades, Graviera cheese, goat cheese, buffalo salami, soutzouki and pastourma.

    Owned by Greek Armenians, Miran has been a haven for cold cut lovers since it opened in The shop cures their own meats and cheeses. Not only does Miran cure salamis 30 different ways, but they also prepare pastourma, a spicy meat product with a strong flavor derived from spices like cumin, garlic and paprika.

    You can buy a small bag of green garlic to enjoy later or as a gift. Considering the high price and strong flavor, a little bit of this powder goes a long way. Though not as popular as feta cheese in Greece, graviera cheese is great in saganaki. Greek people eat more cheese per capita than any other country including France. To us, the brew is strong, muddy and filled with grinds. But what about the coffee situation in Athens?

    These are our favorite coffee shops in Athens:. Away from the maddening crowds, taf is just a short walk from touristic Monastiraki.

    No flash in the pan, taf has been open since This leader in the Athens coffee scene offers a variety of beans from Africa and Central America which customers enjoy in various coffee drinks from flat whites to cappuccinos. If you love the beans, you can buy some to enjoy later in Athens or you can pick some up in global cities like London, Singapore and Milan. Grab some souvlaki at Lefteris O Politis before or after you get your coffee at taf.

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    The best Bermondsey restaurants and food markets including Maltby Street Market, Jose, Hej, Village East, Casse-Croute, Champor Champor and Druid Street. Borough Market is the beating heart of the capital's food scene: a vibrant There are also a number of choice restaurants circling the Market's. The restaurants and stalls around Barcelona's markets use fresh produce, often direct from the vendors – and are some of the best places to eat.

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    The best Bermondsey restaurants and food markets including Maltby Street Market, Jose, Hej, Village East, Casse-Croute, Champor Champor and Druid Street.


    Borough Market is the beating heart of the capital's food scene: a vibrant There are also a number of choice restaurants circling the Market's.


    The restaurants and stalls around Barcelona's markets use fresh produce, often direct from the vendors – and are some of the best places to eat.


    What's going on in the global restaurant industry? The growth of emerging restaurant markets has savvy restaurateurs sitting up and taking.


    Food halls, many in historic buildings, are flourishing all over the French capital and feature bistrots and stalls serving the very best traditional.

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