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Why CBD?

More and more renowned scientists worldwide publish their researches on the favorable impact of CBD on the human body. Not only does this natural compound deal with physical symptoms, but also it helps with emotional disorders. Distinctly positive results with no side effects make CBD products nothing but a phenomenal success.

This organic product helps cope with:

  • Tight muscles
  • Joint pain
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sleep disorder

Range of Products

We have created a range of products so you can pick the most convenient ones depending on your needs and likes.

CBD Capsules Morning/Day/Night:

CBD Capsules

These capsules increase the energy level as you fight stress and sleep disorder. Only 1-2 capsules every day with your supplements will help you address fatigue and anxiety and improve your overall state of health.

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CBD Tincture

CBD Tincture

No more muscle tension, joints inflammation and backache with this easy-to-use dropper. Combined with coconut oil, CBD Tincture purifies the body and relieves pain. And the bottle is of such a convenient size that you can always take it with you.

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Pure CBD Freeze

Pure CBD Freeze

Even the most excruciating pain can be dealt with the help of this effective natural CBD-freeze. Once applied on the skin, this product will localize the pain without ever getting into the bloodstream.

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Pure CBD Lotion

Pure CBD Lotion

This lotion offers you multiple advantages. First, it moisturizes the skin to make elastic. And second, it takes care of the inflammation and pain. Coconut oil and Shia butter is extremely beneficial for the health and beauty of your skin.

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Holdings, Wildcard ENTRY: Inc. (OTC M PINK: MLHC) Line



  • Holdings, Wildcard ENTRY: Inc. (OTC M PINK: MLHC) Line
  • M Line Holdings, Inc. (MLHC)
  • Newsletter
  • Change the date range, chart type and compare M LINE HOLDINGS INC against via NEWMEDIAWIRE – M Line Holdings, Inc. (OTC PINK: MLHC) ("M Line" or. Explore commentary on M LINE HOLDINGS INC and hear what the experts at be a Record Year in the Commercial Aerospace Industry; Get Ready for M Line. Profile Solutions, Inc. (OTC Pink: PSIQ) is pleased to announce preliminary Wildcard ENTRY: M Line Holdings, Inc. (OTC PINK: MLHC).

    Holdings, Wildcard ENTRY: Inc. (OTC M PINK: MLHC) Line

    Details of the location of the new branch and its size arc nof final Clow said. When he left lo begin learning a new career, lie said, he still hoped to return to the Magic Valley.

    William BaxtS; assistant attorney general for the antitrust division, said, "A generalized attack on targe. Subcommittee chairman Peter Rodino, D-N. But Baxter said that was not cause for alarm. The bottom line for commodltv futures brokerage firms is overall trndlitg voluinc. Tougher inspection demanded During the first seven montiis of liiHt. Ttie increase in overall volume means more brokerage fees Brokerage house executives sav the fees Just- cover the costs of trailing, advice and execution, but the higher volume puts mora ntonoy In braker- aRe house equity accounln.

    Trends His office hours will be from 9 a. The department's Bureau of Labor Slalisties said the preliminary. O percent in July. Department of Agrlciiilurc to sircnglhen-its inspec- , tlon procedures for imported moat.

    From June 19S0 to June unemployment Increased in the niaglc Valley and Ihe demand for yearc it was mentioned earlier thai lio consumer price inde. Prices In local grocery stores Increased at almost exactly the same rale, according lo estimates by local market managers. The NCA also said the USDA had taken the appropriate steps to assure species verification of future imports and domestically produced meat.

    But even those she can help, face a salary structure in Twin Fails "by far lower IhJin any other place in the slate and any other place in the union.

    She's supporting three kidO- cry practically because then our fee to hcrisS Thin in no niri eliiraii. Amarlcini in Incriiilnaly iiikinD thf iiililinca of quillllad ui- prepiran.

    Jiiii nil lor compltta dm u ta elm loNilDni. But public fears, based on the fmprcsslon thai one peslicidc is as bad as another, may have given the Medfly its chance to threaten the nation's fruit and vegetable crops. It is sold and used, without restrictions, in such popular products as household and garden bug- sprays, and fica-collars for pels.

    Maureen Ulnklc, peslicidc expert for the Na-: Brown was right to try other methods tirsi, but agrees that "as an aerial spray, malathlon docs not pose a health hazard. The dose absorbed by a normally-clothcd person who did not cat the fruit would be well within health safety limits, says Price.

    In fumigation, a gas called ethylene dibromlde EDB Is forced under pressure into fruit and vegetables, killing any Medfly larvae hiding inside. But, produce fumigation, Price says, still-poses little risk to consumers. EDB evaporates from the produce once ho pressure Is removed, reaching safe levels within four to cfght days, depending on tcmpcratiire.

    Even so, its threat seems faint, EPA estimates ttiat a person could cat fumigated frufi every day of his life and face only one chance In 20, of developing cancer because of It.

    Price said Florida and Texas have required fumigation of quarantined fruit, and California is preparing for widespread fumigation.

    All of this will cost millions of dollars which must come out of the wallets of shoppers at grocery check-out counters. With so much at stake, why did so many pllfprnlan s rostst. Pope said, some demonstrators even compared the proposed malathlon spraying to the U. Pesticide experts call that comparison ridicu- lous, noting that "Agent Orange" is a mixture of chemicals quite different from, and more haz- -erdous thanrinalalhlon.

    Hlnklc, though unworricd about aerial spraying, says people should ovoid Indiscriminate exposure to malathlon Just to been the safe side, in largo doses. It clearly Is polionous. So unless you have to spray, you shouldn't spray. Twin Falls seed company. Until September, , It was sim- ple. Maupin worked for Northrup -King, and hod for 37 years. He was manager of the Twhi FaJjs plant, which processed the" company's bean — aad-pca-s c od-grown-ln-ttic-Maalc- Valley. Then Northrup King was purchased by a Swiss company.

    The oil field was struck al a doith of 7, feet and the companies' estimate sold it will produce 11, barrels of oil and 6,3 million cubic feel of gas a day.

    Jointly explor- ing 7G0 miles north of Jakarta, have so far failed to reach an agreement on their common sea boundary line. The Swiss company-already owned. The oddition of Northrup King would have given it a monopoly In bean, pea and sweet corn seed lines. The two plants are. A former Northrup King sweet corn processing plant in Nampa is also part of the Agrlgcnetlcs family.

    Through this, Maupin has continued working at the same plant and with the same seed lines as before. But beginning' lost week, he started work ' under another new name. Woarlng brown eollor and bluo collar. Annnuncns lha apcniinj ol Blue Lakes Chiropractic Center yfi. Sliilc 3 Twin r. IhroughouLlhe s on an acceptable basis. OOO-ton per day fertilizer plant.

    Rock Springs and Sweetwater County officials met Thursday to discuss the potcnlial impact of the plont. Utilizing forecasts dcvelopod in July ami Aucusi, liic group's report Newly released Idaho Power fig- ures show that energy consumption In Idaho decreased nearly 2 percent last year from the peak demand. Chevron spokesman Dean Forsgrcn said about 1, workers would be required to construct the plant.

    When you call our classified department to. It's almost like ' dialing a sale! You ihouldundcriiand, by w. Pot moro complcio Infornlalion. An edgcforthc'Wkslern investor Shoihona. Stroat East, Twin Falls. Delay taking as much unearned income as you can until - and you will be taxed on credit of 1. If you must use the tax rate sched- ules to figure your tax, you probably will have to make the compulation yourself.

    The '81 lax reduction' is minimal. Next year, nil Income - whether Thinjtserlousiyobouiconllnulngtodo earned or unearned -- will not be tills.

    Your penalty could rise to a rate III ihe ranf! Musi of the well-publicized changes In the liJHI lax law applying lo you. For instance, the -widely -hailed taxed at more than a 50 percent rate. But there arc signlfjcant changes that The beneflt of this, however, will be are retroactive to or become restricted to Individuals whose effective this year. Today's column taxoble Income.

    When you Hie your tax sell yoiir house for proflt, you can return next spring, you will be given a defer tax on the profll If vou buv anolhcr. Bui If you, an Individual, sold a rcsldencc'before July But you can exclude a lifetime loint of only Si. S percent, this would allow you to invest a maximum of S20,, If married, at a 10 percent tax-exempt yield for one year 70 percent of the current T bill rate of about ir. If you will merely look at this objectively, you will realize that If you are in an income lax bracket of: If you earn So much for all that publicity about a savings certlflcatc for lower-income individuals.

    This lax dodge lias been an open scandal. If the overvaluation Is be- tween percent and percent of the correct valuation, the penalty tax is 10 percent of he Income tax un- derpayment. No penalty applies if the un- ,derpaymcnt of tax-l3: There even Is ah escape possible if you can convince the IRS that you had reasonable grounds for- your valuaj Ion. Until now, expenses Involvra In an adoption have not been deductible.

    Beginning with , though, an exception to this general nile is being made for the expenses o adopting a "child with special needs," tot whom - adoption assistance- payments are made under Social Security.

    In effect, the Tax-Free Account will let you exempt a full year of savings interest from federal income tax. It's an exciting opportunity. And to make it even more exciting, First Federal will pay you Tax ex- emption is lost if account Is closed before one year.

    Federal regulations require an Interest penalty for early withdrawal. The remaining committee dlrcclors Inciudc Tom Floyd. Ken Roy a nd Doug Vollmer. Meyer has won numerous awards in Montana in hair design and make-up. Suo Terrell Is ,. Meyer and her husband.

    Paul, moved to Twin Falls after visiling ihe urea while on a vacation. The seminar covered Insurance and annuities and pro- fessional sales and service. Irvln, former chairman of Idaho First National Bank. Irvin remains 'as a direclor of Continental. Hwipit'nis of the awardii recognizing sjile driving records of thepasi ycararcMontana'Express of Wendell and Haody Truck Lines of Meyhurn. Lee Schlender lias been n- cieclcd lii the iKjanl of dircclors nf Hie American Judicature Society Ho is also a moinbcr iil slate and nallunal legal and profes.

    Michael Chatterton uf ijboshone has been granled a slalc morti- cian's license. Ttie airline carried 1. Ttie notes, the exchange said, would be issued by an Amcx approved issuer in denominations of 10 and ounces of goldand I. OOO ounces of silver. The repayment value would be based oii the London morning fixing on the market on the day following demand for repayment. By United Press International. Cargo ton mileage rose lo million from: For the first seven montlis of 1'JKl.

    The line carried lO. KPIchupi 6-Cylingcr In line Come see us today. Idaho Power vice president for plannlnf; and resources, said the UFA officials desiciilnc the power pool contracts now indicate they frill include a clause allowirif; for -contract tenninatfon at any point exchange power begins costing cus- tomers more than power from their own system.

    V An exchange agreement would allow Idaho Power to purchase an. Savings-fFom the exchange would be passed on tg rcsldcnllol and farm customers. Me added the company will scrutinize carefully the contracts that are finally presented. Projects 4 and 5 arc lieing financed by H! The weekly crop and weather report covered the Aug. Hot weather in July has continued into August, Earlier Ihis month, the Agriculture Department, blaming the - hot, dry weather, reduced its estimate of the Russian grain crop to million tons, down 15 million Ions from last year.

    The weather facility reported wet weather arid below-normal tempera- tures over western areas of the European part of the Soviet Union. Ground preparation and sowing of winter grains might have been de- - loyed. Heavy rain in the New Lands inter- rupted harvest activities. In the United States, tropical storm Dennis. Both ample moisture and warm weather are needed to push the crop to maturity, the weather facility said. Little If any raiif. Rain also slowed harvest progress in eastern parts of Canada.

    Co-op members will meet at 7 p. Monday to discuss the possible move, Thomborrow said. Interested non- members are tnvltcd. The co-op was founded about six years ago. He said It may be possible for commerciat producers to vnccinale and transfer eggs to halchlng trays at thesamelime: Sharma said vaccination before birth has boon Iried with mammals but the technique Is laborious and atxirtlon problems have nor been overcome, Marck's. Net earnings of SS. Payment will te on Sepl. Iii to shareholders of record on Scpl.

    Net incoipcRrew to Westvaco earned S7fl million or 52,7. N9 hlilion', compared to SCfl. Net income was up to Si! The company noted lhal In the third quarter last year liifrv encountered much reduced demand for tulh farm nnd industrial machinery. Firestone camcil sin million or 32 cents a share In contrast with a. The gain was achieved in spile of a drop in sales loSt. The Slfi million third quarter profit waf. Sii million tax credit. Firestone reduced its total debt by S2: Contlnental Life net gain decllnies.

    Maries and Mackay next month on the Idaho Rail P lanupdatedrafl. Hearings will be held at the Mackay Cll. An Intormational period beginning at 7 p. Shoshone, Focaatcllo and Rigby and at de- partment ticadquarlcrs in Boise. Chief executive officer Joseph A, McKlwaIn sald'the negotiations were — authorized-by-thc-utillty's-boord-of — ; directors.

    Mradc representative William e: Brock told reporters the Philippine interest was, expressed during his meeting with President Ferdinand Marcos. Brock said the Philippine proposal had been ruled out by orcvlous ad- ministrations. Skip Myers, science writer for the university, said no surgery Is required to insert the loop.

    Rather, the loop, which was Invented by a Callfornla-vetednarlan. Peters said cows normally provide their own natural immunities lo Infection, but that it often takes nearly 24 hours for cnouRh white blood colls to be formed to counterncl an invading infection.

    Delicious apples arc down 10 percent, but still remain the leading variety. Home Beauty production is also down but It holds Ihe number two spot in leading apples.

    The National Cattlemen's Associa- tion also has come out in favor of the proposed change. The new data would be used during the planning process to group rangelands Into management categories and determine resource objectlvesforeach. After Ihe environmental impact stalemcnl and land use plans arc i final, the bureau would conduct pro- duction Inventories on those allot- ments whore adjuslmcnis may be necessary. Comments should be addressed to.

    Buford no later than Sep t. The proposal calls for boosting fees for inspections of processed grain commodities, hay, hops, beans, len- tils, peanuts and straw. Higher fees would be charged for related laboratory. The iripcclion and testing services arc not required by law, but arc. Fees were last Increased in April " The fees can be increased ad- ministratively. Checking all parti for looioneii Includes: Porforolod 8V, x 1 1 Lollor Rololl 9. The Agriculture Departincnl's re- cent world oilseed situation report points out Just iiow dramatic South American ' penetration intdSvorld soybean mhrketslias become.

    American exports fell even more dramatically - by 4. Virus stays with cattle 18 percent. Brazil and Argentina managed to increase their exports by 1.

    South American soybcan-prodiiitlon- hos iRcrcascd -export-availaDinilcs from that region, cfrcclivcly curtail- JngU,S. Including high Interest rates and the strong position of Iho dollar, which are Inhibiting foreign purchases of all American products. Strength of the South Amerfcim" soybean sector can be traced to U.

    On top of poor news about U. The short-run outlook for soybean. The Brazilian soytiean crop estimate was cut , tons from last month's estimate to 15,75 million tons!

    Lower soybean prices and changes In. Jorge Ferrer, professor of microbiology at ihc university's school of veterinary medicine, said In the Aug. Issue of Science magazine that 'at least 20 percent of Ihc dairy- cattle surveyed in various parts of the United States were found to be In- fected with the bovine leukemia virus,.

    October 1st we'll move your investment into a Tax-Free Certificate. Government securities and First Security's S3. Tax exemption is lost if account is closed befo re one year. This -offer IS supject to tinal federal regulations'. It was exactly, what Coach Randy Clark had ordered for his Wolvos.

    He wanted to sec If his charges pould shake some of the eight-njan ploys that mightn't work against II man. You can't always do. We weren't able to break them of that habit during practices but tonight they went where they saw the most yardage. Robb Owen, scored the first touchdown ona yard run and late In the period, Dave Ensunsa took an option pitch from Ranee Pugmlre and romped 63 yards to paydlrt. Rfck Vulk booted the point-after.

    Pugmlre hiked the hainime score to when he scored on a yard romp. At least he doesn't have to worry about adapting athletically Davids, a native of Capetown, South Africa, won the third annual Prime Cut Half Marathon Saturday morn- ing, a I have toadjust socially" By the race's nine-mile' mark no- body was between Davids and the ' finish line. Cruising at a steady pace from start to finish.

    Golden Eagle cross country Coach Kari Kieinkopf said. Physical discomfort is nothing foreipi to Davids. During a workout knee and had to abstain from running for six months. The social science major observed that the radical change in climate he experienced upon arriving In Idaho might have exaggerated his injury. He resumed training July 1, build- ing up his knee by running up the Snake River Canyon's hills.

    The top finishers for each age division: Boyi ta and uader - 1, Joe Krwl, I: Women im - I. All of you who care about high school football now know the basic the game.

    Twin Fails kicked two field the game. It was then discovered that the two schools hadn't agreed upon a tic- cases it's taken care of. All conferences have the tie- breaker requirement and the state requires It when the game could affect a playoff outcome.

    Twin really hit of regulation play. Twin Falls wanted, them. That Is set hard and fast made prior to the game. It therefore becomes possible that if However, it Is known from whence the tie-breaker had been played, the Friday night's confusion came. With losing team may have Icgltimalely 1: Anyway, you can file it under the you've-ncvcr-sccn-lt-all category. One thing that remained uppermost ' in one's mind, however, through the Jon es if 4hc tie-breaker had been agreed to. He said that was an ad- ministrative matter — so we immedi- ately know it wasn't on and there couldn't legally bc a tle-broaker.

    After leaving Jones, we asked one of couple, of weeks to sec if I've had the officiuls Ijelwccn plays If the second thoughts? Houston quarterback Ken Stabler, who returned to the club this week after previously an- 1 nounclng his retirement, saw ac- tion in the third quarter — com- pleting three of six passes for 26 yards. Bradshaw, piaylnj; three quarters, hit, Calvin Sweeney with a yard scoring pass In the first quarter and then connected with Franco Harris on an yard TD toss in the second period.

    Stoudt, coming into the game with 1: Stoudt passed 15 yards to rookie free agent Johnnie Dirden for the Steelcrs' final score, Dave Troui. Joe Oaneto's kick failed. Bradshaw, who missed cariler. He completed 19 of 30 passes for 2di yards and was intercepted once.

    Sioudt completed six of eight ' for 78 yards. Bears 31, Cardinals 27 ST. UPI - vince Kvans tlirew for two touchdowns and ran for anottier In the first half and Mike Phipps hurled a yaTtl scoring pass to Rickey Watts in the final quarter to give the Chicago Bears a exhibition victory over he St. In the last two games, including a win over Cincinnati, Evans has completed 23 of 37 passe8 for yards and four touchdowns with no. Evans played 'the entire first.

    After the Cardinals managcid: UPI — Kevin Long and rookie. Freeman McNeil scored on short touchdown runs during a 2: Long scored on a l-yard run to' cap a y8rd, l4-play drive with 7: Stabler Thursday un- retlrcd alter announcing last month he would no longer play professional football. Stabler reportedly was associated with Nicholas Dudich of Perth Amboy. Dudich was arrested several times In connection with gambling activi- ties In New Jersey. Davis said he reported the matter to the NFL manij times.

    Law enforcement officials said that such associations were. Although all the game's scoring was packed inlO' the. Raft"Rlver had to come from behind to win It, Burley returned the opening kickoff to midfleld, picked up a couple of first downs and then on fourth and long yardage, Scott Barrett hit Chris Hull with a yard touchdown pass.

    Just 36 seconds later, Udy had Raft River back Into a tie with his yard scamper but Burley stopped the conversion run. After forcing a punt, Raft River sent Udy for his second long runy carrying to the three-yard line.

    He belled across two plays later. Raft River wound up scoring on the first play of the second quarter when veteran quarterback Jeff Wallace hooked up with WadeSmlth on a yanJ bomb,. But then ' Uiey theTroJana went lllcless. I wlBh Burley had come back and scaredthemlodeath. Jackson's leadoff homer In the sec- ond inning off Richard Dotson, S Last year J ackson had 4 i homers.

    New York added three more iirthe seventh without the benefit of a hit, Almon's second error on Larry Mlibourae's grounder allowed one ran to score and his third error on Jackson's grounder let In a second run. Oakland catcher Mike Heath scored his third home run In as many days. Dennis Maiilnez scattered" seven hits In gaining bis 10th victory in 14 decisions.

    Minnesota 7, Detroit 1 At Bloomlngton, Minn. Foil's error on Milt May's pop fly allowed the Giants to score our runs -In. National League Doyle Alexamder. Greg Minton and Al Holland, got the victo- ry, although tagged for ll'hils before leaving tbe game in tbe seventh. MasIer and a single by Alexander. Louis at San Diego in the second game of their doubte-bcader. The Astros broke the game open with a five-run,- fourth Inning uprising against loser Mark Davis,- Vern Ruble, picked up the win.

    In the ' nightcap, Billy Smith. Louis In the first game of a double-header. Lary Sorcnsen went 5 Innings to gain credit for his sixth victory hi 31 decisions with Bob Shirley finishing up to earn his first save.

    Chris Welsh, , was the loser of the Padres' sixth straight. We assured them It wasn't automatic since the teams weren't ai in the same conference b in the same playoff pod and c there was no district-wide rule governing It.

    But there are so ; r,.. OK'lng a playoff after the game ends. So If you would lose the jiC -tie-breaker, the basis of a protest is" there because It Is a violation of a. After a scoreless first period, the Jets took over early in the second period after right end Joe — Ktecko-reeopded-a-aack-and-Stan- Bllnka and Kenny Neil combined for another sack on the Eagles' first two plays, forcing Philadelphia to punt.

    The key plays bi the march were a ' ifryant completion from Richard Todd to Jerome Barkum, a l2-yard pass to Bobby Jones and an ll-yarder to Scott Dierking that gave the Jets the ball at the Phlldaelphia 7.

    Long scored and Pat Leahy made It McNeil, the number one draft pick set to start at' halfback, scored to give the Jets a hsKlimc lead. Todd returned for one play but backup Pat Ryan played tbe remainder of the game. For the pre- season, Todd, who threw a league high 30 Interceptions In For the game, Todd hit six of 14 for 59 yards. Bengals In a pre-seaon finale marred by Injuries to several refiuiars.

    Denver quariertiack Craig Morton, a year veteran, suffered a "mild concussion" late in the. Backup Cincinnati quarterback Jack Thompson twisted his right ankle in the third quarter, and Bengal wide receiver Isaac Curtis suffered a fractured cheek bone. Both teams ended the exhibition season with records.

    Herrmann's clutch pass erased a Cincinnati lead provided by Bengal third-string quarterback Turk Schonert on a 2-yard pass to Dan Ross with 6: It was Herrmann's second TD of.

    The victory gave Green Bay a record heading Into its regular season opener next Sunday al Chicago. The Browns, who finished , will open at home in a Monday night game against SanDlego.

    Iveiy scored on a 4l-yard run and a IS-yard pass from Lynn Dickey. The Packers struck first, scoring on Ivory's yard run with 8: The former Georgia Tech star broke through a hole off right tackle, put a move on cor-.

    Detroit missed a last-second diance to win the game In. The fumble was recovered for New Orieans by rookie linebacker Russell Gary and the regu- lation game ended In a tie. Twelve-year veteran Archie Man- ning, who went the distance In this final exhibition game,. Manning completed 16 of 22 passes for yards la tbe game with one interception.

    Rogers, who carried 24 times for ill yards In the game, put the Saints In scoring position with a yard run that moved the bail to the Detroit 3. But a yard personal foul penally against the Saints moved the ball back to the Lions 16 and on third down, "coach Bum "Phillips ordered Rlcardo in to kick his second field goal. Martin opened he scoring for the Raiders in the first quarter when Cooper ran around left end for a 4-yard gain. The Oakland linebacker pulled the ball from him as -he was still nmning and ambled for the touchdown.

    Plunkett capped the Oakland scoring wltli a yard touchdown pass to Malcolm Barnwell In the second quarter. Rookie running back Major Ogllvie scored the 49ers only touchdovm In the fourth quarter cn a l-yaid plunge after an interception. The Raidera' finished tbelr pre- season play with a record. He scored on a one-yard plunge 1.

    Tin the third quarter and took a two Caslleford's defense ' ' smothered the play 0 set up the final touchdown. Darren Upward kicked the extra: Jerome filled In at a late 'r. Actually, the deal was as complex - as It was controversial. Bird was to be.. Bird, for one, was surprised at some of the negative reaction from the trade. Reuschel, meanwhile, dltl not record , , his first victory for the Yankees until Aug. Bird, used as a spot starter and long reliever for New York, put together a ,.

    Asked if he minded coming from a ' team in first place to a team with the I ', ' "I was glad to have the opportunity. Besides, this Is a ,. Griffin saved Bird's first win and became one of Manager Joey Amalfltano's most dependable men out of the bullpen. Obviously, they're a great - 'addition to our pitching staff. It can happen suddenly or It may occur without fanfare. But each year, for whatever reason, a top collection ot National Football League performers decide to retire.

    TIglil end Russ'Francis Is negotiating to become a tootball an- nouncer for a major television -network— foHowinR— six. At least 40 players have jinnounccd their retirement from the NFL tlurinR the off-season and n more arc expected to rcach the same decision by the start of the regular season. Other outstanding players who have ' turned in their shoulder pads include.

    Philadelphia guard Woody Peoples. Minnesota defensive tackle Dave Roller. Atlanta defensive back Rick Byas. Quarterback Ken Stabler, who had others, like Francis', the announce- ment took the Patriots by surprise. Bill I've hajl 14 years. So I feel vory fortu- nate. When I first came Iri. Taiwanese teams have now won 10 world champi- onships since — and have a record ot: Wang Yao-hsin opened the Inning with a double 10 left field.

    Tampa was limited to three hits by two Taiwanese pitchers. All the Tampa hits" came off starter and winner Wang Yao-hsin. Winning pitcher Wang struck out six and walked two. Chans Mlng-pln pitched the lasl 1 2-;t innings tor Taiwan. He faced only five batters, striking out four of them. Hobart 75 Rnoda laland Rutgan 74 Sertaon Robarta Waileyin 60 Uninus83,VVm.

    Patwvon 81 Vlanova Bluaaald SI 00 WaynMbiag Rio Onndi 02 Waft Chaatar SotAwnoion 40 Fiman W seven of the 14 players on hand in cat hardship to be eligible for next mid-October. Jonat 8. King 80 Ftaman 00 Clamaan U Maryland 77 , Col. CarcOna 73 Eaat emma Naw 55 Eckard 88, Piymoum Si 83 Elan Waka Focvil 79 Hamgian U. RutgarkCamdan 38 , Maawqo.

    Oaorgia 3l S3 m. Oapdal Cbrtasan 47 rknliiiil 81 Jordan , Carlar JonM WMkar San Frarw rtmM boa RM— 8 81 8. R RtUM Winripag 3 ' Nta Yark laltngtrt 1 Outboc 2 Tbranip 7. DyU 77 K Daksta ei Mankala SI 80 K.

    TTie point spreads are straight from Las. And place your wager. This is not, however, a satisfied man. Reeves is feeling obvious discomfort about his team's flaccid finish during the regular season.

    But the heavily favored Broncos time in a wild-card gome last week, showed an uncommon vulnerability against the nm The momentum, clearly, is in the Steelers' favor. Commlsslonere wert Into Exeoillve Session St am. Totals ter each department am as follows; ceplion as the Steelers prevailed NBC, 'channels 7 ing with a lot of confidence. It's5ud- and 38 in the Magic Valley, will broadcast it live.

    They started the season so poorly den death. AP — Steadily, tbcy-nuFcbed down bo road to the playoffs, never. In such - Disirict Court of tho Rfih obloetlons. My hand and iifis,'and you am horoby seat el sold Magistrato dlrociod to appoar and CwrHh'a 11th day of Do- pload to said Complaint camber. B t-wlthln-tha-llme spadriod, tho plain- tlM will taka judgment against you os prayed In. Such petition will bo heard on the 10 th day of Januaty, at A.

    Anthony, tno above named dblondant: Yeu ore hereby noti56a. Routine business was transacfod'untfl the hour of o'clock P. December 11, , o'clock AM. Routine business was transacted utoU the hour ol o'clock P. He was jUst one of many coaches and administrators around the coun- tty who. Twin Falla, Iditoo December Routine business was transacted until the hour of 5KX o'clock P. B oard In Boise. Routine business was tranuctsd until the hour ol 5: Pence Marvin Hempleman Clork' Idaho December 19, , 8: Magic Valley Monor, Exc For appointment S.

    Several openings or oxpoii- sislanco ay ajlJoi. Mechanic, Laroe woll-ostab-' aDOoIntmonls. Join the ISS- 20 bod facility lor multi-hand-. EMonsivo jcjjnpoj MR children. WSI pro- Individal, with wort process- poshiorinivailablo. Hod college or unhrprsity and some soerolariol duties. Cock-a-p6o, black 4 ray. Lab X, blade, lomalo. Cocker Dachshund X, amo. Spaniel X, chocolate, lomolo. Open pm only Monday thru Friday Fid lino evening supervisor.

    Green Acres Care Canlerin Coodittg. Send fuB resume to: Send resume to PO Box Bonoliis, salary depending on oxperl- oftco. Jock Ramsey was appointed lor a four year term. Proposals were taken under advisement until a later date. Marvin Hempleman has been authorized to sign the rxecessory documents on behalf of Twin Falls County.

    Need donations ol eanosr crulehcs, wolkors, wheel- choirs, or both olds. Do- laHs -and -applicatlbna-Boinl Write lo: JaperiioriM Wiiruialo-- Cara Center.

    Good comrnurtcation, typing - lirtdeniiing'eluls ardtttson Send re- sume to: Would you like to "work for a 'cbinpanjrwho'offers'excellent- promotlonal opportunities? Cactus Pete's Inc4n Jackpot. Please asme -prepared wlthiftresu me a nd letter of reference lfavalIiAlc. LPNs, cal tor more inlormniion. Wonipd oxpotioncod roloil milker lor weekend.

    Bonolits, raining and vohicia provided for that lal- ontod person with proven rack record. Fortune company ex- panding, needs sales man-. Call Eric Farley Call or I ve0C!: Nearly new carpet and 2 coBing fans.

    Largo front porch I Ben or Virginia for show- ing. Twin falls, ID Need resume with rcl- orencos. Real Es- laio Co. For 0 con- fidential Interview, call Dale P. Wonderful busy location in brand now Contonnial Square. Contact Noil or Dana, t-a 00 - -O 43 a. Noododprivalo linanchl backing tor now businou. Vending Machines on loca- tions in Twin Falls. Will consider Built in , this 3 bed- fo om, 2 bath homo? Largo country kilchon, roomy dining room, largo bodrooms. Sits on 3 ocros vnih water sharos.

    Also has in this 4 bodroom. FrcsfVy palntwJ and new carpeong tnrougnout. Oorfi mlu trw weeflent vaW Wo have just listed a top dollar with top pcflorm- ing company. Wall or Anna will bo happy lo show you'at'any'- limo. Homo has 3 bodrooms.

    I'4r baths, rod- wood dock, hot tub, gaze- bo. All hinds 4 pickup hauling, No petotoos tho I tut 25 yoais. Prcsoiuly cat- I tie oporatien. Tired ol doing housework? Lol us do it lor you!

    Futl- 3 oooninns in my homo, any ago. Baby-Sitting in my homo. Givo your child Iho advantage ol a lun f on 1. Oual- il v dayeato. In business over 25 years. Froo re- corded mossago; M Coll Money Wonted ' lor Iho right individual to barn Iho professional rotad aulomotivo business. YOU must want to bo succosslul: II you aro not. For inlorviow call Need mother's helper in my homo Ior2babios.

    Fri, 8 am lo 12 noon. Possivo Solar healing wilh -clcclric rocossod hoaiors, I also woodburning stovo. Solarium I or yoar-around gardening.. Call Slovo for [ moro inlormolion. Qlvo Gaylo a call Call Rod tor shovdng. Now listing, 2 bdrm homo in nowor noighborhood, ga- rage. Ptico reduced on this 3 bdrm brick homo.

    Blue Lakes Now woD, singlo garage, plus largo insulaiod shop. Sovon - doubles, thirty wides— oight 12 wides, two 10 wiaos, 10 travel trakcis.

    Call O'onna Tho- mason, Jor moro information. Best linandng in the industry. Land homo jiaekagos available. But the knowledge put a strain on the relntionship. They've been able to belter com- municate with their own children os a re- sult, she adds. Bob, a ycar-old-man from Burley, formerly lived in 'Dallas, a city with a gay population of 70, 'to , For healthy gay men, such a community can pro- — vide-strong sociai-suppoit-aiid-a rcady-nctwork tO'battle prejudice oiid donand rights for gays.

    I've done as well as I have be- cause I try to stay as positive as I con. He says he sometimes feels abandoned when he hears local picas for orgim trails- plants a nd mo nev'for otherpco ple with-t ermina l dis- eases. What style but provocative in, thought, thc follows the end of Wstoiy? Familv savs mom jives too much help to4rrespcmsible son - - -. My family is tom apart. They resent my youngest son. Please scl them straight, Abby. True she was easy. The second time he. It seems to me that if she was willing to have sex with him on the first date, there is no way she could be raped by him after that Am I right nr wmng?

    Dear Abby, Wedding Booklet, P. It's only every qthcr weekend, so why docs my fwnily get so upset? TTicy say Andy is irresponsible, and Urn his prob- lem! Can you believe' that? Andy's sister is hard-working andvcty.

    TTicy feel that you are en- abling Andy to act irresponsibly by doing too much for him. And they arc right. Perhaps if you were not al- ways there to rcsciic him, he would bcjirongcrand more sclf-sufficient. Andy will not always have you - To everyone: Monday at its meeting room. All club members arc urged lo'attend. Wagon holds iis luncheon mceijng at For more infor- matioR, contact Howard Johnston at WednesmTy at the center. Anyone who ever attended school in Glenns Ferry is welcome.

    Imcrcslcd contcslanls may also at 7 p. Open daily from 9a. Monday ' Crafts and quilting-from 9: Movie at 10 a. Li ver and onions Crafts and quitting from 9: Trip to Jackpot, Nev. Wednesday Band practice at 1 p. Friday Bingo at 1 1: Pinochle at I p. In addition to their duties as Washington. Box , Denver, CO, Chfncsc pot-bellied pigs - nizalion. Ideas tiriiosc time should come: The end of apartheid — M Eastern Europe brraks through its — Medift-andLetterer- Avomett'— - - Since it has been estimated thin as just good friends.

    It follows, then, that. Bob learned he has the disorder, al- tysomething" and its depiction of is. But he soys he fell out of Ae gay. Plus, he thsu fiowUng. And you dent even have to rent In ih. The Refugee Service Center needs. If you would like to yn itr mil RfKTtnitf y Evans at If you are 60 or older, tow in- -come and. A tax me and exempt. If you would like to teach someone to read or if you have a strong background in rnath your help is needed. Volunteers are needed for various positions at the Bub!

    Chamber of Co mmer c e. For more information, coll Barbara Weaver at or. The Foster Grandparent Program lookiria for a civic-minded person involved in- the private sector to serve on its Advisory Council. Meet- ings are bimonthly and this is a working council. If you are that per- son and'you are intcrcstcd: Volunteers -arc needed to deliver meals to home-bound senior cili- -zens. Call Ann at the Senior Citizen Center at Volunteers arc needed at Buhl Head Start.

    If you can donate a few days a week and enjoy working with small children, call Rosemary Evans at Robert Esterholdt - of Buhl and the. She is employed at Southland Corp. The and parents of the bndegroom are Utah, friend of the bride. Kaye Williamson friends of the Eileen Lanting, friend of the bride.

    Caroline Hansen, mother of the bride, and ringbearer was Skye Judy Jukcr. The wedding is plaiincd for March mjduatc of CSI. He is employed by 3. Edwsra's Catholic Church in Twin Falls. Foukal and Adclla Kacm were married— Jan. CiKpcnlcr and Thairaa of Wendell.

    CPennay s m Elko. John at ihcif present location southeast of AdcUa and Steve Foukal. Karen Kelch was organist Castlcford for 49 years, where they T f Anderson was soloisL farmed until when they- semi- Ncb. Brito is a graduate of Albemarle ligb School in Charlotkaville,--Va. Ray ' Lancaster of Wendell will be hon- ored at an open house Jan.

    ABer fantiiitg for [j,dlle and Ray Lanccstcr nil I several years, he went to work ot. The, couple has six grandchildren;. Audrey The bridegroom is a graduate of jiammjk n.

    Burlcv High Schoo l and attended A reception was held following the University ot ldaltorniri. The newlyweds reside in Boise. IcgiUmalc to talk about the problcma He finally let go. Setolach Md hts IIm taScmllv been lh? Anovcrwhclmingsenseoffi el- Ske me to the beach. I still have man can have many spouses and family was present at the hroe of her with of the pomiponls, and the ,.

    Itsecmsasifthalrcgrctwillal- About an almost universal human ex- Higuera had the privilege of living ways be around. JSeneetlhc death of upitrenl. I also wenTbere on. We are, sym- death. Natupil product manu- facturers, adds Ann Bloom of the consumcrlobby? But in the long run. Americans will pay for mass-pro- duced goods in the form of cleaning up the d amage they cause to human marketplace. For example, Newman — whose company has seen orders, jump from less than per month to nearly 7, per month since starting business last year — plans on lowering the cost of some items to make them more competitive.

    Low-phosphate dishwashing liquid, for example, may be kind to lakes, but can cause damage to the esophagus if swallowed by a child. Other products can be damaging to the skin. She said he was no good making tapes of yourself reading a and would never amount to much. JinR her childhood and remembers Other recommendations: His decision to return to her.

    In a compromise that allowed the project to proceed, the hospital agreed to close down the fifth floor of the hospital, eliminating 25 beds, when the project Is completed. Hospital officials had discussed the possibility of converting the fifth fl'oor into a psychiatric unit, something that state officials considered needed in this area, However, no action was Southern Idaho, she helped develop and Implement the college's psyclio-soelal program, Burns said that Boone was hired on a day contract to lallc to hospital' stair, doctors, law-enforcement of- ficers andslalc officials, and develop a ccrliflcatMr-heetJ proposal.

    Her study may be finished In lato January, he said, Dr. Richard Worst, the only this area, a minimum of 20 beds might. Bums, who once served as director of a. Also at its regular meeting Tuesday Jensen's enterprise constitutes a nlght,thecommisslon: Miller and ' Commission granted him the permit JaniceStovertothedommisslonTBolh Tuesday holdlerms that will expire soon.

    Reed Jensen saidTis father spends '. The son said he -bellcves. Who said she was unable to he said, told him that "It seem like Co, programs. The sign was erected without the special-use permit the city requires. It's being done through the magic of television. This Is because legislators are compensated for trans- portation and living expenses.

    For example, Ihey receive 18 cents per mile, plus S15 for meals. However, another member of Ihe finance committee. Dean Van Engelen, R-Burley. Other Magic Valley area legislators on the finance committee arc Sen. Kenneth Bradshaw, R-Wendell, and Rep. According to Superintendent Wayne Fagg, Bob Watson, a Boise architect who has expertise In reoovatlng school buildings, has been hired by the district tp advise it on whether It would more economical to renovate existing buildings or construct new ones.

    Some qt the dislrlcl's buildings date bacITlo the early s. II added, the program would recj ulre add itional classrooms. Fagg will resign this summer at the endofhiscontract. Fagg said that 39 applications were received for the position, — Inclndlngtwo-Mlnldolcff district- administrators.

    Slonc is serving a six- month sentence for his Aug. He originally was charged with second-degree kidnapping and a sex- ual offense, both felonies, as well as a. Prosecutors dropped the plea to the battery charge. Stone might have been eligible for early release for good behavior.

    Stone also alleges thai Sheriff James Munn discriminated against him In not placing him on trusty status. Meanwhile, Inmate Derrell Nevii, who has filed two such habeas corpus applications, one of which remains -fo r a fiu iU y , No jail privileges were withheld from the prisoner al any time, either during or after the hunger strike, he said. Council voted unanimously in favor given Strand's skepticism- about his ability to pave the property in compli- ance with city regulations, the imn- - ing could be pointless: Douglas Strand requested the change so that he can use the property -as-n-storage place for used-vehicles awaiting sale.

    Councilman Bud Cheney said that But other council members argued- that the group's decision shoiild' be based solely on the facts Involved In the request, not on Strand's future ability to comply with other portions of the municipal code. The entire sign will bo placed on the wall.

    None of- the bids met the specifications, ac- cording to the staff. The speciticatlons wilt be simplified, and bids wlll-be sought again. Buhl nnilccled both, incumbents, ' who were uncon- tested. All of the candidates elected will serve four-year terms, beginning the firs t of theyear,.

    A total of 65 voters cast ballots. Including two atsentee votes. Sonner received 85 votes and Kinyon Williamson was the only candidate on the -ballot, voles. The FAA's approval came in the form of a notice to proceed. The com- missioners also will hold a public hearing before a final decision- is made.

    Also oh Thu rsda y, t he zon ing board wiinioia hearings on two requests for land" divisions. Since these requests require only a conditlonal-usc permil, the board's decisions will be final unless they are appealed to the com- missioners. Plane crash triggers lawsuits. The National Transportation Safety Board has not rcleasedltaflndingsonthecauseofthecrash. Nevil's older brother, Derrell, is being heldin ' the Twin Fails County Jail,' serving an li-month sentence for hatlcry.

    Magistrate Judge Charles Brtim- bach appointed thepubllc defen der to re prese nt him. Services will be announced by ttie HovcChapclof Jerome. Thursday until time of services. Silvio Heath of Gooding; three brolhen. She was a - memlicroftheCalhoIlcChurcli. She K-as bom on Jan. She mnrrjwl nor Surviving arc: Raymond, llobcrt, Richard, and Pablo Silvai.

    UicTwtni'jiUs area- ta Betty Corbin of Denver, Colo. Services 'wlirbo held at 3 p. Robert Van Nest officiat- ing. Kosary will be recited at 6: Mass of the Resurrection will be celebrated In the church at 11a. Friends may call at McCulIoch'ii. Burial will ' be in Pleasant View Cemetery. Korean- mcmbcr of the Christian Church, Mr. After- moving to Buriey, he operated an auto dealership for the Hudson automobiles for many years. He married Glcnda Itac Molhcrshcd on May 12, Friends may call at the Hove Chapel from 5 to e p.

    Phillip Voweii ot the Bcllevuc Community Church wlirorricl-"" — ate. Burial will be ot Horseshoe Bend. Private burial services will be in the Twin Fails Cemetery. Burial wilt be In the Rupert Cemetery with Masonic graveside rites. In the While Monuary Chapel. Burial- wiil bc- in the Sunset Memortot Park. Friends may call at the mortuary until 10 a. Burial will be in Sunset Memorial Park. Burial will be In the Pleasant View Cemetery. Services are under direction -OfJhe.

    Payne Chapel in Buriey. Burial will beQn the Jerome Cemetery. Friends may call at the Chapel this afternoon ' and evening and until At that time, MechI continued the case for six jn9nUisJ. Dacca, convicted of two recent bur- glaries.

    Busch, the son of Leo and Karen Busch, will travel to the nation's capital on Jan. High School and Is planning a' career In law and politics. The other Idaho delegate is' Daniel Price of Boise. Burial will be In tbe Shoshone Cemetery. Friends may call al the chapel this aftenxxmand eveolog and prior to aervicei oa Thursday. James Hoas, John Caldwell, Mrs. Qiaflca, Ho lllH e ld. Don German and son of Jerome; Mrs'. Births A daughter lo Mr. Jon Shlndurllng of Tu la Falls.

    Please join us for a most enjoyable eve-. This week's lesson was "on" the ;"counting" method, a scourge' of ca- ;sinos. DuBois and in modern dance by Martha Graham. Today, these divisions comprise only about 10 percent of its enrollment of 20, The remainder arc adult nlgtit stu- dents who choose from among a dizzying array of 1, courses most.

    The publication of thc school's spr- ing and fall catalogs more than Within the New School faculty arc quite a few professors who would argue that blackjack instruction is. I never get tired of It," said Miriam Gorton, an accountant.

    In explaining why she has driven in from New Jersey on Wednesday evenings for five years to attend Brown'sclass. With cnrollmcnis declining across -tho-natlon.

    For most it One good example of how the in- stitution fulfills that function ts Its department of creative writing. Professors arc often part-timers with primary occupations outside leaching. Eventually, they bought' the idea. Xcfoy 'said Tuesday a state Supreme Court decision cariler this year demonstrated that Idaho law ' ;dQcs not prohibit the act of soliciting isomconctocommitacrime. John Evons' to ap- point a "no-nonscnsc" director to solve the department 's-budgel-pro-- blcms.

    John Rooney has been acting —. Marotz, who' received a plaque for winning the stattTcompctltlon, gained '. Sell them with a GR ad.

    Smith sald-Kinzcr ; was mentally unfit to submit to in- ; terrogation. LetDIS' Krall proudly prosenis a greni tamily classic: DM yuur atf dfie additional week free of charge. Effe'ctive January "1, we will, no longer be giving refunds if your item doesn't sell '. Twin Falls, Idaho Wodnesday. Holmes, 37, has been a pom star for 13 years. In Uiat time he has also posed for thousands of pictures published In hi]ndrcdsor.

    Holmes has clalmed'to have had sex wllh 14, women on and off the screen. Off cfimcra, though, acquaintances said he was an enigma - temperamental, undependable and hooked on drugs. She said he once unveiled a nude photograph of himself for her. He had, and ' will always have, that kind of temper.

    His only picture since Is a soon-lo-bc released film, "Exhausted," hlllod as a "documcntaiy" on his life. The film includes footage of his old movies and -Interviews filmed laii June. He made a lot of people a lot of money and now he's broke," a screenwriter lotd Ihe Times. They were also accused of misrepresenting the amount of. Dispute shuts down Utah bus system Coroner's jury probes fire chiefs death: Jrucsday-a8-unlversity University officials -said King officials pleaded with students to slop believed he was firing at a burglar, playlngthegame.

    A hospital spokeswoman said going out In dark areas with guns that to a glass of grape juice his wife gave him a day before his death. The Implication was the chief may have been poisoned. The inltlni cause of death was listed as a heart attack, but an autopsy was performed two days later and traces of seve n comm on tranquilizers were found. Rob- ert Lipp, had had similar marital problems shortly before his death from an apparent heart attack. Ms, Martin described herself as a Vflod friend of both mcn,"having once been a patient of Lipps.

    Ellen -Cotncr, a Medical Service Corp: Insisted she had not remarried after Llpp died and thus was eligJble for an insurance program' available to spouses of physicians, Cotner said. Later Ihe caller admitted she had married O'Connor, but said the mar- Fiage-hfld-bocn-annulied-a fci"two- moflths, In other testimony, police said they- "were eonlaclcd by Ms.

    Halbig the day after. Scott Mathcson to Intervene. The tax-supportcd-publlc -tfus- -system locked 'Its employees out Sunday after workers rejected a' con- tract proposal. Union officials insist tftrempltiySai'iif uic tKrccsrounty tus system still want to work, contract or no contract.

    Oftreiais for 3lOours Monday, and The rtrSed lockout Don't buy another gift V? G0 2n6 Slrofi EiiM. Twin Falls 73'IQ ' Reagan wasrccov erltiawbll, The linlversny's vice president, Jackk Shallnc, 'Issued a statement lo the sludtifitbody Mo'riday' urging them not to play "assassin," in which — playcrs: Saturday night Reagan was nearly "terminated" for real when he assumed a firing position and aimed his simulated M aulom atic rifle at Mi w pus pull i je i iiuii.

    He wanted lo "get rid" of her. CSI didn't have much offense RolnR tor it and trailed by Much of lhat was due to the fact CRU tiad picked up 14 dr iMrcc throws, iti the tlrst half. Along with Elliott, CSI turned up the defensive pressure and wllh CSI now'has the lu. Ncbraslta Western will meet Eastern Utah at 7 p.

    Tt at also will. Our other wins caific In games wc cither led most of the time or didn't fall far behind. We've had U done 'u ua a couple of times fChlna and Ricltsi and now we know what It.

    But as the second half opened, F: After Jensen hit two CEU free throws. CSI got the ball back and went into a delay as Bales fouled out. After holding the ball for over a minute, CSI brake Elliott, free for a cripple. NCAflTlntc — aciiviiics on bchali at iJie university. Impending probation several, weeks ' ago and did not choose to appcal-thc ; decision.

    Those, plnycra nre Kod Foster,: All arc now juniors and ; members of the UCLA varisty. Depcw fueled a surge of, six consecu- tive Bruin points loclinch matters.

    The Wildcats trailcd-Valfey by. Only ' Gooding, at , was able to score more llian points among the rest of Ihc field. Ernie Watts provided the din- - ching points at pounds when he came up with the championship. Valley heovyweight Jim Harral pulled his Vikings back lo within 10 when he pinned Farron Moore of Filer in the final match of the night.

    All of the partlclpaUng teams. Wendell, Oakley, Glenns Ferry. Dcclo 74, t' OMi-y Wi, 7. T he vo t i ng f or th e t e a m w aj C B wIuut e d liy a panel of sports writers and broadcasters from — aroundlhecountry. Statistically, the offensive backfield quoliflcs as the most potent foursome in AIl-Americahlslory. Bfll yards — third -highest, single-reason total ijver; Warner ran for 1, yards for a 6. The second team is headed by Pittsburgh quarterback Dan Marino, the nation's - second-rated passerrMarlno; who threw for" S-ll.

    On offense, Dwayne Cnitchfield of Iowa. TbcUcs - Terry Tnuidi, Tcxm. Center- Dave Hlmlnftl on, NebruM. Running IwcU - Marets Allen. S ; tteracbd Walker, Ccorglt. Ill, Junior; Mill Vanden Boom. Tho UPl top 20 with first-place votes and won-lost records in parentheses: After Mark Lively's three fourth- quarter baskets propelled Buhl into a lead late in the fourth quarter, Glcnns Ferry had a chance to pick up -plcnty-of-points. Then the Indians' free-throw parado began.

    Charlie Carter and Craig Karcl hit a free throw apiece to extend Buhl's lead to Wliji 20 seconds left Carter hit two more free throws, and with 10 ticks to go Karel meshed two more for a SHJBuhl load. Ti Unla IT F ouliif F oulWool- Pieree. Three, more Bruins scored nine points. Casllcford's Chris Tverdy scored. In the preliminary game, Castlefofd defeated Ihe Tft-ln Falls isophomore.

    JIJ the night with 23 points and was a wasn't that good, but he goes to the picture of consistency. He scored six hoop. Shoshone captured the Junior varsity contest, However , the Bruins came back to outscore the Wolves in the final half Id take the non-confcrcncc game. Only in the early p art of h e -second quarter did the Rams cool off slightly and during that span Burlcy closed the deficit to. Haiston, a two-ycor starter, ended lead and Coach Ron Kress called off.

    After that Halton came up with his sU as Highland took an Ifl first-quarter: F our Panthe rs had Tdttlcaout. The flrsl overtime period ended with the teams still tied, Mike Shaffer, who led Carey with 14 points, hit the front end of a one- and-onc with two seconds left to give the Panthers a Gl-SR lead. Turner C M li, Aiulln t H 2. MeCon t M 2.

    Gittoa 0 SoKcni 1 i. Wllllimi 1 t-t i. Jtmea I H T. KouInI oul - rtorntller. Indiana feU to Kentucky led with 7: From that point, the momentum swung toward Ihe Wildcats. UPI - Five players scored in double figures. The undefeated Ragin' Cajuns took Ihe lead for good with 3: Graylin Warner and Dan Gay all scored 12 points.

    Utah Stale managed cut it to on Eric Petersen's field goo] but then went scoreless for the next four minutes. Payne scored 17 points aniTPobby' H ansen added 16 to lead No.

    SSi ""'so applied good, defense. With the score knotted at 12 at halftime, Ihe Hornets came oul In the third quarter lo outscore the Bulldogs and in the final quarter.

    That's -whatdidlliorus;" — [. Dccio, overall, hosts Oakley Thursday night wliile Klmbcrly. FiniJer 1 1, tiernti 1 M 2. Ilocalir I iMi 2. Magic Valley Confer- ence girls game Tuesday night. The Red Dcviis were' far from red- hot as they made Just eight of 24 free throws aQdiaoi: Murlaugh fell to In the conference and overall.

    Murtaugh visits Hansen for another league con- test Snturdoy. Raft River also took the Junior varsity game Ihrce -starters , and. Jumped off to a prohrbitivc lead in the: Nye I O-t 4, Hfchini 0 M 1. The Vikings made 25 trips to the charity line. Valley Jumped o ut to fi rst nquarteneaBTiIilTner outscored the -Vlklngns-a-lnnhe-second-Bnd-heidii-' slim margin at the half. Valley outscored the Wildcats in the decisive third quarter.

    The teams played to a 94 tie in the final eight minutes. Filer was led In scoring by Tatnl Blass' 11 points while Susie Vincent ' added nine more in a losing effort. Valley's Rochelle Clnrk led the Vikings in scoring with 12 and Kim Hardy's 10 more aided la the victory. GoodlnglraveistoKimbcrlytonlght ; to makeup up a game postponed from ' Monday. Gooding won the preliminary Oarfc S 1-S SincMand O h i; Rlagtl 0 0.

    Fsuli- IS, Fouled eut-Predetlckioa. M t the fourth quarter. Richfield edged Wood lilvcr Tuesday night, The-Tigers fait aU three shots from the floor they attempted in the final period and meshed 10 free throws to round out their scoring.

    OakDask or Iha Futuretxo'cutlva Reg. In his new capacity as Cubs' general manager, who stole the spotlight with a rash of early morning deals thel he hopes wilt start the Cubs bock on the road to rcspcctabihty.

    The arm injuries thai have cropped up in recent seasons have disap- peared and at the end of lost season the Cubs' scouting staff felt Bill was throwing as good as they've ever seen him throw.

    In his first full season with the Phillies in In signing Jenkins, the Cubs will be getting back a pitcher who rose to fame with them during the late s and early The ycflr-otd right-hander, who spent the last throe years with the Texas Rangers, won 20 or more games in a season for Chicago rem: John Schneider, Guldry's agent,. Stclnbrcnncr will have said he will then meet with Yankees' the opportunity to give us what we're owner George Stcinbrenner Thursday to sec If the Yankees will come up -with the dollars necessary Jo retain Guldry.

    It might only be a courtesy mcethig with the Yankees. Schneider said the money figure and length of contract wasn't necessarily fixed. I have the face card down. I know what the card Is. George doesn't know if it's a ten or a two, fl.

    I know what Ron is firm at. Who's Interested at that point? The Yankees arc in left field as far as what they. All of the kids fought well. The Spartans, now in tluiiH.. Lyie Mangum and Bob Gallagher. Minlco took Ihe junior varsilv match wilh ease, ,. Gooding led with nine spots on the 28'man unit,- Just one more than Kimberly.

    Valley had five selec- tions, Declo and Wendell two and Filer one. KJuardi - Bill NolilM. Valley, and itlei f: Kimberly, and Gary Slepheni, CoodlnR. Mike Ferguson gained the quickest pin of the night for Skyline, taking a ,second win over Bruin Chris Stengerat pounds.

    The Bruins will compete In the Ada " Irivltntlonal. Pa ul -iinnar IS3 - Tarn Muen rSi dec. B7 - Billy Walker iTFt dee. The early pins were critical to Mountain Home since both camc ln the'third round and in each Instance Bubl was leading on points at the time. It was a swing of IB points. Buhl will entertain Declo In a dual Tuesday night. Sweden's double Olympic gold medalist Ingemar Stenmfirk, who won six of last year's giant slaloms. For a limited limo. Five of the six division championships arc still undecided," Miami.

    A victory in cither game would clinch at least a wild card spot for tlic Dolphins. Buffalo can clinch a wild card spot Sunday wltb a victory over the Patriots and a loss by either Pittsburgh or the New Yoric Jet s. The Bengals will clinch at least a wild card berth even if they lose to the Stcelcrs.

    If all three clubs end the season lo-c, the Chfirgers win the title on the basis or a better division record.

    Uuis, coupled with a Cowboys' los s lo the New York Giants, Dallas has clinched at least a wild card berth and -Ph i la d c ] ph ia. New York, , St. Malone thrust into starting job Steelers must get No. Tias played' In an cmcrgenoy-as-a-wide- rcccivcr - Sunday against Cincinnati in a game they desperately need to " win to stay alive.

    He became their No. The former Arizona State star. But Malone looked at his pcrfor- osAloamlng-expericnc "I feel good about it In some re- spccts, but I feci bad about It in a lot of other respects," he said. The bottom line Is that we lost. It has the right frame of mind. There Is no pressure on him. He J ust has to do the best Job he can.

    However, Shula said he had re- While that Is the technical reason ceived no official notification of any for the fine, the report said the league fine, whlch,'was reported by the also was disturbed that Shula was MlamiNews,. Two of Ihe assistants have been al Idaho before as members of the staff for other head coaches. State ol Idaho, peti- tioners will call up lor hearing before the Hon- orable Judge Brumbach, their petition for Terml- Monday, De- cember 14, 19S1 to furnish and Inslail "Measures, consisting' of"' Inaiulallon, removal and replacement of doors, elc.

    Aualrallan Shspnorcf Mlx- od, Mala. Gtay A J-Fomalo-mhi-Fot-Tofrtor publicly read aloud-atthe time and place slated tor - receipt ol the bids. Bids rttceWed alter the time, fixed lor opening thereof will not be considered. Famals pup-all while, mix Samoyd?. This, la iofan up-io-dttfl list. Mixed dogs are hard to do- scflliB. Come and pick oui a puppy or ull grown doo- inoy would Invwto navo a h om a.

    Vicinity ol Maurica Strool. Arls S Cralis Expo; Doc. Rogutar I21D, Clearance sain rs,. Call ot for a ro- Gotded now massage waahl y. Apply at Llt- llBlreB Inn. Good pay and benellts. Call 73M4U or Expe- rlonce with cattle prelerrod and ralertncea roouirod. Excellent salary jnd benefits. Must be a sell-stanor and eagei to learn. Earn 11, a monlh whllo Irain- ingrMusi bo 21 and bonda- blo, neat and eager to oHin Grocery expo- lenoe piolDrred.

    Advancoment or Eorlunliy available. Call Loca l Polic e. Tired of working at a dull low paying Job?

    Modorn olllce and la- cllllles wim lots ol parklnQ. Approximately ' , 'tf- vontory Included - In purchase pilco. ExcellaBi terms with roasonabhi down paymonl. Doa'oia noodod for new, ottocilve oil suppllmani. Sales plan allows you to sell a groal product and polenllilly earn unlimited. Call lor more Inlormallon. Uquor, boot; wIno, by Iho dnnk can bo" served; Private bar. Easy tormg lo-quaP— tiled person. Owner' will remain operaling loungoi For InlOi contact manage!

    Conaumoi Allalis or aak loi a Ireo pamphlol and 4n-. Phono or OZ Dlan -aepoalL- will be retumod lo actual bidders provided the. All bid ' docJments are itie property of Ihe Arcnictect and must be returned to him.

    M Line Holdings, Inc. (MLHC)

    COST MESA, CA, Oct. 08, (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE – M Line Holdings, Inc. (OTC PINK: MLHC) ("M Line" or the. China Agro-Technology Holding Ltd. P Wildcard Technologies Inc MM2 Group Inc. Q MLHC. M Line Holdings Inc. W korean-war.info .. -conventions-otc-redghtm T monthly . -housing-starts-to-moderate-following-projected-record-inhtm . -significant-top-line-clinical-data-demonstrating-nasdaq-myoshtm.




    COST MESA, CA, Oct. 08, (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE – M Line Holdings, Inc. (OTC PINK: MLHC) ("M Line" or the.


    China Agro-Technology Holding Ltd. P Wildcard Technologies Inc MM2 Group Inc. Q MLHC. M Line Holdings Inc. W


    korean-war.info .. -conventions-otc-redghtm T monthly . -housing-starts-to-moderate-following-projected-record-inhtm . -significant-top-line-clinical-data-demonstrating-nasdaq-myoshtm.


    could com c be. Page D l. Court. ^. “korean-war.info no draw the line m ost .. IctUiL-mlhc . ale us, no. □ I. Therq nation Line tm. BB. Quote 1 to Inc®. c a t h e r tes holding ITH PINK PEPPERCORNS of the NL wild-card record cordlr g ( ) visits B uhl' U icNi uy. Wood River plays otc iu«taa».


    IllUuits holding the. line. W e h av e. r l ^ t s? ed>-hftlf-trilllon ifapi levi achlne that Is feel like t 3nt, Inc. ;. — I f — iays 8 A.M. to P.M.. korean-war.info M - - ^ _ _. B y 3f entry. Consequently, the. y because of theJnJuries to moved to the petition .. captured an NFC wildcard that crossed at 28 In the OTC.

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