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More and more renowned scientists worldwide publish their researches on the favorable impact of CBD on the human body. Not only does this natural compound deal with physical symptoms, but also it helps with emotional disorders. Distinctly positive results with no side effects make CBD products nothing but a phenomenal success.

This organic product helps cope with:

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We have created a range of products so you can pick the most convenient ones depending on your needs and likes.

CBD Capsules Morning/Day/Night:

CBD Capsules

These capsules increase the energy level as you fight stress and sleep disorder. Only 1-2 capsules every day with your supplements will help you address fatigue and anxiety and improve your overall state of health.

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CBD Tincture

CBD Tincture

No more muscle tension, joints inflammation and backache with this easy-to-use dropper. Combined with coconut oil, CBD Tincture purifies the body and relieves pain. And the bottle is of such a convenient size that you can always take it with you.

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Pure CBD Freeze

Pure CBD Freeze

Even the most excruciating pain can be dealt with the help of this effective natural CBD-freeze. Once applied on the skin, this product will localize the pain without ever getting into the bloodstream.

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Pure CBD Lotion

Pure CBD Lotion

This lotion offers you multiple advantages. First, it moisturizes the skin to make elastic. And second, it takes care of the inflammation and pain. Coconut oil and Shia butter is extremely beneficial for the health and beauty of your skin.

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CBD plus blood pressure meds, bad combo?

A Tricks Cancer Treatment Cancer Salicinium: Cells Homeopathic that Method



  • A Tricks Cancer Treatment Cancer Salicinium: Cells Homeopathic that Method
  • The Best Answer for Cancer: Notes from the 2018 Conference
  • FAIM's mission is to create a revolution in worldwide healthcare.
  • Salicinium: A Homeopathic Cancer Treatment Method that Tricks “Cancer cells are able to ignore signals that normally tell cells to stop. #Salicinium: A #Homeopathic Cancer Treatment Method that Tricks #Cancer A single dose of #Salicinium caused an average 26% death of #cancer cells. Embed Tweet. #Salicinium: A #Homeopathic Cancer Treatment Method that Tricks #Cancer Cells korean-war.info korean-war.info AM - 27 May .

    A Tricks Cancer Treatment Cancer Salicinium: Cells Homeopathic that Method

    Internal Medicine specialist Dr. Wolfgang May has degrees in physical and rehabilitation medicine, naturopathy, homeopathy and advanced training in acupuncture and environmental medicine.

    His diagnostic skills and warm caring manner make him a favorite with the patients at Hufeland Klinik. I would guess that the more aggressive or metastasized cancer patients have to do a second round.

    They work with an organization that will, later, attempt to recoup some of that from your insurance company. My hubby has a very aggressive prostate cancer that we have been working with and he may have to do a second treatment at a higher temperature and other protocols that the Dr.

    So the Germans bought the technology in a heart beat. Everything included even picked up at the airport. I dont think any insurance plans would cover it. Their treatment is based on a well-established concept developed by Dr. Holistic therapy of tumors and cancers of all kinds and stages using fever therapy, hyperthermia and immunobiological medicine.

    Chemotherapy, when used, usually employs a single agent in lower than conventional doses, and may be combined with fever therapy. On rare occasions radiation therapy is recommended but not given onsite. Hormonal therapy is often used. Pain treatment is done if needed. They treat late stage cancers and those considered incurable. They can treat all other cancers. Primary malignant tumors have a bad blood circulation, which make them more sensitive to changes in temperature.

    Also, radiation has less effect on the center part of the tumor, which is deprived of the oxygen blood supply and the nutrients. By increasing the temperature of the tissues from degrees centigrade, hyperthermia increases the circulation, increases the oxygenation, so that the radiation is more effective. Other avenues in the United States: Cancer is a frightening enough diagnosis on its own. And the standard treatments are often distressing. For instance, many cancer patients undergo chemotherapy.

    While this can be effective, chemotherapy harms the body and may cause debilitating nausea and exhaustion. Some patients simply cannot undergo such trauma due to age or preexisting conditions.

    Other treatments, such as surgery and radiation therapy, bring their own kinds of problems. Some people expect more from their cancer treatment. They believe that therapy should help them feel better, not worse. They want to live life to its fullest even if they do have a serious illness.

    This is why alternative treatments are growing in popularity. These treatments attempt to restore a holistic physiological balance. A person who feels healthy will be better able to fight off an illness. Bio-Medical Center does not reject modern medicine. Conventional treatments may still be used.

    However, they are implemented in conjunction with a holistic approach, allowing for a more comprehensive treatment regimen. This, in turn, helps the body fight the disease and recover from potential side effects. Bio-Medical Center provides the very best in alternative healthcare. Many treatments take the form of natural tonics. Others are powders and pastes that doctors apply externally. Also known as the Hoxsey Clinic , Bio-Medical Center has a long history of offering wellness-based alternatives.

    The Hoxsey tonic and other holistic treatments have helped our patients improve their health and well-being. Contact us today for more information. There is a significant difference between standard x-ray radiation treatment and proton therapy. If given in sufficient doses, x-ray radiation techniques will control many cancers. Consequently, a less- than-desired dose is frequently used to reduce damage to healthy tissues and avoid unwanted side effects.

    The power of protons is that higher doses of radiation can be used to control and manage cancer while significantly reducing damage to healthy tissue and vital organs. Understanding how protons work provides patients and physicians with an insight into this mainstream treatment modality.

    Essentially, protons are a superior form of radiation therapy. Fundamentally, all tissues are made up of molecules with atoms as their building blocks. In the center of every atom is the nucleus. Orbiting the nucleus of the atom are negatively charged electrons. Because of ionization, the radiation damages molecules within the cells, especially the DNA or genetic material. Damaging the DNA destroys specific cell functions, particularly the ability to divide or proliferate. Enzymes develop with the cells and attempt to rebuild the injured areas of the DNA; however, if damage from the radiation is too extensive, the enzymes fail to adequately repair the injury.

    As a result, cancer cells sustain more permanent damage and subsequent cell death than occurs in the normal cell population. This permits selective destruction of bad cells growing among good cells.

    Well, that, and progressing technology. Patients must be completely still for the procedure and so are placed under general anesthesia. Once the probes are set, a current is sent that travels between the probes, opening up the pores in the tumor, which eventually kills the cells.

    The technology is still in its infancy, but is approved for soft-tissue ablation. Allen died on Dec. Willow Liu, thank for all that you had done for Allen. With your help he was able to live a better quality of life before he went home to the lord.

    More treatment stories of Dr. Liu and informations about prevention and treatment of diseases can be found through www. You are welcomed to give comments and join the discussion there. Also feel free to email Dr. Liu with additional questions info herbsandhealth She recommend combination of chemo with Chinese herbs, if possible also acupuncture.

    Don Knigge shares how he healed his stage 4 stomach and throat cancer at Total Health Institute. Don also shares how his energy is better than it has been since high school. Other side benefits of his healing include the grey in his hair is gone and the hair on his head which was receding is now growing back. Joe in person at Health Plus Wellness Center!

    Call today to schedule your free consultation, and visit our website for more information. Thomas Lodi has always been something of a brilliant enigma within the oncology community.

    Despite all of this, his treatments have revolutionized the integrative side of the oncology industry worldwide and led many patients with cancer to the root of real healing and health restoration. Learn more at www. Ten weeks later Anna was working out every day, feeling great, and her cancer makers were within normal range. And Dan saw a big change in his own health. Visit Paracelsus Natural Family Health Center in Pasadena, California — a natural medicine clinic specializing in general medicine, chronic illness, pediatrics, cancer support, rejuvenation, prevention, and more.

    Any number of natural medicine modalities may be used for treatment including IV therapy, vitamin injections, nutritional counseling, detoxification programs, osteopathic manipulative therapy and other highly effective nontoxic and noninvasive therapies.

    Many patients have shared their success stories, and you invited to read them on the website http: This also impacts animals, plants, and the microbiome. Mercola believes that cell phones are worse than tobacco. We will learn the impact in 30 years. Microwave ovens can be replaced with a steam convection oven.

    Induction burners are even worse for EMF. Most of the EMF comes from our homes. WIFI router can be turned off at night. You can wire your house home theater installation companies do that to replace the router for Wi-Fi. Computers must be in airplane mode.

    Stealth EMF comes from: Never put your phone on your body if it is not in airplane mode. Smart thermostats are not safe. There are Building Biologists and they will come to your house to test the equipment.

    If you get less than 6 hours you are sleep deprived. Bedroom ELF caused by wiring errors, battery clock, and fluorescent lights. Stetzer filters and meters can help with these issue. How do you limit the damage?

    Magnesium is a calcium channel blocker niacin, molecular hydrogen upregulating NRF-2, nitrous oxide, or 9 ppm tablets of hydrogen. Adjuncts include fasting, vitamin C, photobio modulation, near infrared sauna, blocking light from computer screen with IrisTech. Sunshine makes the water in your body structured and makes Vitamin D. Liquid Biopsy is called the Greek Test. They do chemo-sensitivity testing and research. Patients need to know there are limitations.

    Every method has its own value, but the limitations must be understood. Malignant cells must have many parameters to be called cancer. If one parameter is missing it is something else. Initially cancer starts with the environment: Cell replication is instable. When the cells migrate to other places in the body with neo-angiogenesis.

    If the cancer is curable then a plan is applied. If there is a recurrence then a second line of therapy is applied. Cancer is systemic from day one. The cascade that occurs communicates in a very complicated way. If you address one cascade, other cascades step in. A new test is needed that can test many more parameters. Cancer spreads primarily through the blood.

    It then relocates in a new area. They can do this with the help of bone marrow cells. When there is metastasis, the cells can remain dormant for a very long time. The primary tumor can behave very differently from secondary tumors. The cancer stem cells are highest in the circulating tumor cells CTCs. It is very hard to get good data as the CTCs are few and far between.

    They must be preserved and undamaged to analyze. Flow cytometry is the most relevant method. If the therapy is not proper the cancer stem cells proliferate. Today we are targeting the cancer cells and not the cancer stem cells.

    We need a new strategy. There are alternative therapies other than chemo and radiation such as heat and energy which address the micro environment.

    In the future we need better testing and patient specific protocols that eliminate the cancer stem cells. Angiostop is a supplement that is a growth factor inhibitor and Myomin is a supplement that is an aromatase reducer for cancer. Angiostop is a sea cucumber extract. Many research studies have been done on pancreatic cancer, leukemia, breast cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, and urothelial cancer.

    Myomin is a supplement for estrogen dominant situations. Anyone with insulin resistance has high estrogen. The combination of Angiostop and Myomin and Revivin have shown to have very promising results for cancer patients. Anytime a person gets a needle biopsy or surgery it increases their likely hood of metastasizing in the body. In order to avoid this, it can be wise to take Angiostop before and after surgery. Sulak is an integrative medicine physician in Maine, whose practice balances the principles of osteopathy, mind-body medicine and medical cannabis, and founder and medical director of Healer.

    The endocannabinoid system in the body regulates multiple systems and helps maintain homeostasis and balance. This is modulated through the CB1 and CB2 receptor sites. Research has shown that it is beneficial for neuropathy, induced by chemotherapy, suggesting to use the cannabinoids before and after chemotherapy. Research shows that it enhances chemo and radiation treatments as well as lessening side effects. The important elements of the cannabis plant include the terpenes and the flavonoids which are also therapeutic.

    These can be processed using ethanol which seems to be the best approach. CO2 is also used but terpenes and flavonoids can be lost with this process. If the cannabinoid is inhaled, for instant relief, the effect lasts for two hours.

    Sublingual is more long lasting and bypasses the digestive track and liver metabolism. LaMasa-Schrader is a mind-body practitioner, teacher and the founder of Soul Tree Transformations focusing on mind-body medicine. Recall Healing is a modality rooted in German New Medicine as an adjunct therapy in cancer care.

    The patient has three levels including the psyche, the automatic brain, and the body. In stage one of illness the sympathetic nervous system is in overdrive. In stage two the body is trying to resolve and repair.

    By understanding the emotional blockages, conscious and unconscious, allows the body to heal faster. When a brain tumor exists, the location can give clues to the emotion that is an issue.

    Life experience, life purpose, birth order, ancestors all play a role. Once the emotion is realized and the pattern of the conflict is released, the brain can shift and the body can heal. Forgiveness and self-love are the keys. It aids in metabolism in the cell. There is hypoxia in the tumor allowing the cancer to survive. Poly-MVA is an alternative energy source for the cell, transferring electrons, and initiating higher levels of O2 in the cell triggering cell death. It is also beneficial to combine it with SonoPhoto Therapy.

    It can help protect against the negative side effects of traditional cancer therapies. Wolfe is an author, speaker, life coach, teacher, and director of the The International Training Institute of Health. All cancers are caused by anxiety and panic. It is a domino effect of unconscious living.

    Our minds are corrupted and where the mind goes the body follows. Bad mood leads to bad food leads to bad bacteria leads to bad chemistry leads to inflammation leads to scar tissue leads to cell mutation leads to cancer. The terrain is everything and the bug is nothing. Similarly, images lead to thoughts lead to emotion leads to things. We live in a state of unconscious living with shock, trauma, and anxiety rather than conscious living with joy, bliss, love and self-love.

    It will help to get rid of all of the belief systems we have been programed with and find our own belief system. There are mainly six hallmarks of cancer including angiogenesis of the cell, resisting cell death, activity to invade, etc. Now they have found that dysregulation or abnormal metabolism meaning fermentation is also involved. Tumors grow and do not respond to apoptosis signals because they are fed by glucose and insulin.

    They have found that as blood glucose rises the tumor size rises. The ketogenic diet limits glucose and insulin. Fat is mobilized into ketones called Beta hydroxybutyrate and acetoacetate. This is being studied for a variety of disorders. Ketones are better fuel for healthy cells and not as much for cancer cells. Some data shows it directly represses cancer cells. It is also important to restrict calories and determine the right amount of carbohydrate.

    Ketones are signaling molecules, lowering glucose and insulin, inhibiting glycolysis, reducing oxidative stress, altering gene expression, inhibiting inflammation, enhancing anti-tumor immunity and muscle sparing. Research shows that radiation and ketogenics together are the most effective.

    Also hyperbaric oxygen used along with the ketogenic diet is effective. This needs to be used as an adjuvant therapy. Some cancers could be fueled by the keto diet. Complications of the ketogenic diet include constipation, reflux, weight change, kidney stones, and growth retardation in children. The hypothesis is that it may prevent cancer as ketosis targets the hallmarks of cancer.

    It is believed the keto diet has a positive effect on the microbiome of the gut. It shows a reduction in quantity of bacteria, and an increase in diversity. It also levels out glucose and insulin and reduces the roller coaster swings. There is a mild increase in acidity in the blood but an increase in alkalinity of the tumor. The Beljanski Foundation has done research on the two herbs Pao Pereira and Rauwolfia vomitoria as extracts finding they have anticancer activity.

    It was found they are more synergistic when used in combination. These extracts have preferential entry into cancer cells.

    Both extracts killed prostate cancer cells and reduced tumors. Men with BPH also experienced improvement with urinary stream, less frequency, and less inflammation. BPH levels were lowered effectively. Jeanne Drisko at the University of Kansas also studied the herbs, and found they killed pancreatic and ovarian cancer cells.

    Pao in combination with chemo was very effective especially with carboplatin. They have found that cancer stem cells have surface markers that can be identified and separated. The cancer stem cells were also killed by the herbal combination. In addition they have found that a compound of 4 green teas killed cancer cells as well. There have been no human studies as of yet.

    It is necessary to test urine, breath and, blood. There is a need to do testing. Quality fat is important. You can even build weight. It is not a high protein diet. There is a lot of research available. It is a doable diet. As of we were low carb high fat eaters. The downfall has been increased sugar in the diet. Another downfall is the change in farming and animal raising. And lastly the large number of chemicals in the environment that have not ever been tested.

    If you place a healthy mitochondria into a cancer cell, the cell will return to normal. We turn the mitochondria on and off through nutrition. Diet can be trumped by circadian rhythm and light. Use blue light blockers and wear glasses when working on the computer.

    A metabolic based diet helps enhance all of the above. Food is love and has a cultural connection. There are opiates in gluten and dairy. Food is reward and addictions. Vegetables are the mainstay with the protein and fats being adjustable. You can use urine: If there are no ketones then increase the fats measuring acetoacetate. Later you can measure the blood for beta-hydroxybutyrate.

    Levels should be for nutritional ketosis and for therapeutic ketosis. Breath test acetone can be tested. However, blood is the best way to test. A person can use the breath to determine what activities daily trigger you in and out of the keto metabolic state. The GKI glucose ketone index calculator can be used. Optimum is under 1. Ketosis restores apoptosis in cancer cells; lowers angiogenesis; reduces tumor size; lowers inflammation; lowers autoimmune flares; and enhances standard of care cancer treatments.

    Cachexia can be overcome by a keto diet. People with feeding tubes can use this diet. There are ketone supplements that are magical if you are doing ozone therapy.

    In addition, hyperbaric oxygen therapy will help drive the therapy deep. The keto diet is also used before radiation treatments. Certain molecular markers and epigenetic markers can determine how well a person will deal with a keto diet. The practitioner should get a laboratory assessment of the patient baseline. Sodium bicarb can be a miracle but be sure to use gluten free, aluminum free forms if needed depending on the testing results.

    If the patient is testing themselves on their sugars, ketones, etc. One can measure their glyphosate through detoxprojects. Bioterrain or Marcopharma are a good forms of NAC2. Mixed tocopherols are important to protect the fats ingested. Other considerations include cycling ketosis; supplementing with magnesium, vitamin C, 10 pass ozone, mistletoe, horse tail tea, and CBD.

    Weber is a medical practitioner in Germany and leader of three medical centers for general and internal medicine, pain and cancer treatment including President of the International Society for Medical Laser Applications and CEO of Weber Medical. The therapy is now expanded. Tumors are destroyed by irradiation with light and certain wavelength. Light can come back in a different wavelength and is diagnostic. The therapy increases the oxygen radicals which kill the cancer cells.

    Inflammation creates non-specific immunity that helps with long term protection. Certain cells are targeted and there is no resistance developed. There are many photosensitizers on the market. Until recently they could only be used for superficial cancers as they only penetrated cm deep. However now they are using fiber optic needles into the tumor allowing the light to penetrate much deeper into the body. The therapy has become a systemic photodynamic therapy. It is being used for breast cancer, prostate cancer, and lung cancer.

    Indocyaninegreen ICG is a newly developed photosensitizer that works with infrared laser, leaving the body in 30 minutes. Another alternative is using nanoparticles for transport as they stay in the blood stream for days allowing daily treatment. Photothermicdynamic therapy, using heat, can have deep penetration by being put directly into the tumor.

    They have also developed a new diagnostic system called Fluorescence Spectroscopy Interstitial nm laser excitation. This has proven to work well on small tumors. If the case is more complicated then it is beneficial to combine PDT with chemo drugs and Sonodynamic therapy with ultrasound. This approach induces cavitation bubbles and destroys the tumor. Shaefer is a retired general, vascular and trauma surgeon who provides bio-integrative consultations to patients of all ages at the Center For New Medicine in Irvine, California.

    The macro environment has a lot of toxicity including EMF and chemicals. Micro environment toxicity also exists. Bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi, candida all work anaerobically and promote the development of cancer. Eicosanoids are essential fatty acids that are affected by our thoughts.

    Fear creates sympathetic overdrive and takes the avenue that creates arachidonic acid that is inflammatory. Attitudes of hope lead to the production of gamma linoleic acid. You can only be in one pathway at a time so attitude matters. The patient need to vision themselves as a well being.

    The cell type and the cancer stage may not matter that much. Abnormal thyroid function is rampant. All sick cells make energy anaerobically through fermentation. If deprived of oxygen for long enough this cannot be reversed. Mitochondria of cancer cells quit working properly so they have to have glucose for energy. They become slightly acid and this totally changes the environment in the cell. Cancer is a disease of mitochondrial dysfunction promoted by macro-environmental toxicity.

    Cancer cells want low oxygen, low temp, moisture, low energy, and less GcMAF action. Salicinium is one therapy to consider as it can be given IV now. Salicinium only targets abnormal cells.

    It clips off the glucose molecule on the benzaldehyde ring so the glycolysis is stopped leading to starvation of the cell. It needs to be used with other immune support. When using salicinium do not add other antioxidants meaning avoid all oxidative therapies. Salicinium is synergistic with mistletoe, hyperthermia, sound therapy, and gallium maltolate. Be aware that salicinium can make the tumor get larger before getting smaller. For preoperative therapy use salicinium and mistletoe IV.

    Do not use if there is an oral issue that an increase in the cell size would close the airway. Also if there is cancer in the liver by the ducts, the patient would need to be stented first. Meningeal metastases can expand and cause optic nerve damage. Pancreatic tumor may expand and cause duct obstruction. Steven Ottersberg is owner and supervisory analyst of Green Lab Solutions , a certified marijuana testing facility located in Durango, Colorado. The endocannabinoid system is upregulated by ingestion of omega 3 so it is important to supplement.

    The American diet destroys the endocannabinoid tone. Serotonins and dopamines are driven by the endocannabinoid system. Cb1 and CB2 receptors are throughout the body. In neurotransmission you must include the endocannabinoid system. THC is pro-histamine in the brain but the opposite in the rest of the body.

    If patient cannot methylate then histamine will be an issue. THC has a narrow therapeutic window. The mode of delivery is important.

    THC has to have its modifiers to go with it called terpenes. Isoprenes are the building blocks of terpenes. The terpenes in the cannabis plant serve many purposes. Terpenes can be anti-inflammatory, a bronchodilator, a stimulant antimicrobial, or nootropic. As an example rosemary has terpenoids which serve as their defense against insects. These terpenes also supply aroma and flavors. There are many different terpenes. Camphene is an analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and a sedative. Beta myrcene like boswellia sacra is a sedative, euphoric, anti-inflammatory and thus high myrcene and high THC will get you very high.

    Limonene is calming and a stimulant but also an antidepressant, euphoric, anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, and a cannabinoid antagonist. It has a citrus and mint flavor. Limonene is the most referenced compound as being anticancer in nature. Smoking is the most predictable outcome as it goes to the brain. It has a three hour half-life, whereas edibles can have a half-life of 72 hours. Cannabidiol is CBD and has a broad therapeutic application. The dose can vary widely.

    CBD is anti-psychotic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-spasmodic. CBD is one of the most tolerated agents you can work with. You need a clean source that is potent, safe, and tested. An ISO certified lab will be accurate. It is an anti-psychotic and anti-diabetic by improving insulin sensitivity. The mother of all cannabinoids is cannabigerol which is a non-psychoactive CBG. This cannabinoid is in the immature plant and is neuroprotective. Ghen has a private practice in Boca Raton, Florida and is a medical director for several natural medicine companies.

    This is a targeted treatment that is based on a principle that works. A bond on the ENOX2 protein stops the growth and there is apoptosis. There are chemo agents that help with this. The concentration must be maintained for the reversible bond to peel off. The second concept is using a nanoparticle silver.

    The cancer is initiated by an organism or the immune system is compromised by an organism. An antibiotic, antiviral like silver helps keep the microbiota healthy. ENOX2 is the only thing that is universal on all cancer cells and is therefore useful for screening. There should be an ENOX2 test soon for early diagnosis and intervention.

    EGCG and green tea concentrate, if dosed properly, can be very effective. The safety studies show no toxicity with 2, times the dosage and no side effects. An oral and IV protocol has been developed. This is a six week protocol and now incorporates DMSO. One must take care of the circulating tumor cells and the cancer stem cells. Some bacteria, including EBV, can cause these diseases.

    Hard to tell if the EBV causes the cancer or if the EBV raises its head as it is not held at bay by the immune system.

    A high percent of cancer patients have bacterial and virus issues. EBV is found in almost all cancer patients. Inflammation must be controlled. Silver has a good zeta potential, leaves healthy cells alone but must be wet to work. Silver will penetrate the biofilm and can kill the organism. It can be used orally, nasally, in the eyes, vaginally and in the bladder.

    Silver is an antiseptic and stimulates white blood cell activity. Silver is eliminated through the gut no matter how you take it in. It is conjugated by phase 2 glutathione so make sure the glutathione stores are high enough. Travis Christofferson is the author of Tripping over the Truth: Paul Davies and Tom Seyfried have been doing retrospective analysis of the theories of cancer and concluded that we have been looking at it wrong.

    In fact, Warburg had the right theory years ago in that cancer is a mitochondrial disease in the cytoplasm, not a genetic disease in the nucleus. This was proven by placing a cancerous nucleus in a healthy cell and finding it did not produce cancer in animals. Whereas a healthy nucleus in a cancerous cell did produce cancer. The recent belief is that when a cell becomes cancerous it does a genetic shift to a more embryonic state in a damaged context with proliferation much like the growth of the embryo.

    Thus the comparison to embryonic stems cell forming the baby. However, after birth the stem cells shift to a form that is for repair and maintenance rather than growth. The Care Oncology Clinic in the United Kingdom is doing an adjunct therapy using metformin, statins, doxycycline and mebendazole to treat cancer with good results. One of the hallmarks of cancer is apoptosis resistance.

    Hyperpolarization turns off the switch for apoptosis.

    The Best Answer for Cancer: Notes from the 2018 Conference

    She has taken up several alternative health techniques to eliminate toxins and she .. 3 T-cell 'tricks' to activate your body's own cancer-killers - Easy Health Options® Learn About Salicinium: A Homeopathic Cancer Treatment! by UPG. Ann Wigmore Wheatgrass Treatment For Cancer (korean-war.info) . as radiation and chemotherapy, which kill cancer cells but can harm healthy Salicinium: A Homeopathic Cancer Treatment Method that Tricks Cancer. We have managed to slow everything down with all of this but we are in need of stronger treatments to start killing off the cancer cells and.

    FAIM's mission is to create a revolution in worldwide healthcare.



    She has taken up several alternative health techniques to eliminate toxins and she .. 3 T-cell 'tricks' to activate your body's own cancer-killers - Easy Health Options® Learn About Salicinium: A Homeopathic Cancer Treatment! by UPG.


    Ann Wigmore Wheatgrass Treatment For Cancer (korean-war.info) . as radiation and chemotherapy, which kill cancer cells but can harm healthy Salicinium: A Homeopathic Cancer Treatment Method that Tricks Cancer.


    We have managed to slow everything down with all of this but we are in need of stronger treatments to start killing off the cancer cells and.


    Robert Rowen, MD – A Novel Approach for Cancer Treatment Using Ozone Sauna, . Many alternative methods destroy the cancer stem cells. Miriam Kalamian, EdM, MS, CNS – Keto for Cancer: Insider Tips for a Simple Keto Life Robert Scott Bell is a homeopathic practitioner and the host of The Robert Scott Bell.


    Essiac: An Alternative Cancer Treatment. Eva Urbaniak Stress & Hormones • Emotional Freedom Techniques • Healing Cancer. Continued .. diately started me on Orasal (salicinium), along with .. system, kill cancer cells without harming the body. K2 • Happiness Tips • Integrative Medicine. •V.

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