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Oil Conclusion – Wisconsin Rapids, Our Hemp For Wisconsin Tasty



  • Oil Conclusion – Wisconsin Rapids, Our Hemp For Wisconsin Tasty
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  • North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin. But that's not to say that Love CBD oil and Charlotte's Web are It also means Charlotte's Web can benefit from the so-called Entourage Effect in a way that our CBD oil can not. Hemp CBD Oil Vs Charlotte's Web: Conclusion. Hemp Oil CBD Manual For Anyone Living In Vesper, Wisconsin . Tasty Hemp Oil – Our Conclusion For Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin. If you're ready to learn how to use CBD Oil in a way that benefits you, "Hemp Life CBD" is Our #CBD has been featured on Forbes, NBC, San Diego News, Yahoo! . We sell this line of cbd products at The Hazy Hideaway im cedar rapids iowa. Instant Pot Scrambled Eggs - This is very easy and tasty recipe which add.

    Oil Conclusion – Wisconsin Rapids, Our Hemp For Wisconsin Tasty

    It is also believed that such. Our GREAT WEST is a, fertile, healthy, and beautiful country, whose bountiful products reward toil and enterprise more liberally than any other part of the world; and already begins to number its millions of industrious and intelligent population, with millions more turning their thoughts and faces thitherward.

    The schemes of Internal Improvements there are liberal and extensive; and many routes, in various sections, are being prosecuted with great activity and progress; being works of such palpable utility as to have secured large and sufficient amounts of the surplus capital of the Eastern States and England, for their construction, without embarrassing the New States with onerous debts.

    Our Canals are dug and doing a large business; portions of our Railroads are built and in operation; and the whole are under safe and speedy advance toward completion; so we have no grounds to fear the suspensions and confusions which took place a few years ago —for want of funds to proceed with; they are provided for from the rich coffers of the millionaires in the older settled countries.

    So that there never was a more auspicious season for purchalsing, and settling in the West, than the present; and if this little'volume shall prove beneficial to any-either those who wish to buy, or those who want to sell-my efforts will not have been in vain, in this undertaking.

    The writer's home is in The West, a country with which hle has been more and more pleased, as he became better acquainted with it; and to all for whose happiness he feels interested, he could xiv 0.

    The work will be accompanied by a superb Map of the three states, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, and the territory of Minnesota, prepared in accordance with the latest authorities. FOR many years, particularly after the late war with Great Britain ; , emigration has been considerable from the older to the New States; and until recently, much the larger portion of that emigration settled in Ohio, llicliigan and Indiana; not many venturing beyond tle Great Lakes; the States and Territories in that region, along the large rivers, were slowly but steadily, in early times, receiving settlers from some of the Southern States, which for many years constituted the largest portion of their accessions of population.

    But now, the case is different: Perhaps, right here, a few passing remarks will not be out of place, explanatory of the words so much in use, now-a-da,ys, viz: To migra,te or migrating, I undlerstand to mean, simply, to cllhanlge location periodically or temporarily; as, in the hot seasons Southlerners come north to spend the summer, and Northerners go south to pass the cold season, both designing soon to return; but not locating or settling permanently in a new place.

    Emigrating is leaving a country; and immigrating is coming into a country; as an Englishlnman or Irishman is an emigrant with respect to his own country upon leaving it; and, coiming into this country, he is an immigrant with respect to it.

    This definition may serve, in some de grlee, to prevent that confounding of these terms, so common with many. Texas, Oregon, California, Deseret, Nabraska, and all of the really "Far West," attract a share of the swarms of flying population to their borders; but it consists more of adventurers than 0.

    Of these latter it is not my intention to speak further; Illinois, Wisconsin, and Iowa being the region with which the writer is more conversant, and to which it is designed especially to devote these pages.

    It is well known to most of the country, east and west, that the snags, bars, sawyers, and other obstructions in the large rivers; and rocks, reefs, lack of harbors, light-houses, dredge-wiork, etc.

    And good men began to realize seriously that some efficient measures must be speedily adopted by the nation and government for safety and relief. Accordingly, in the years and , a movement was started for bringing together a large. Aass Aleeting of the nation, at some point, to deliberate upon some measures, and disseminate intelligence in regard to these affairs, which resulted in thie aisseinbling of an immense Veational Conventiont at CHICA ;O, Illinois, in the first week of July, ; the business of which was to collect and present facts and arguments, and prepare matter and petitions for Congress; and otherwise to procure the speedy improvements required along these important waters to give greater safety and facilities to the extensive commerce tlhait floeated upon them.

    That call was triumphantly responded to in one of the most numerous, intelligent, and enthusiastic gatherings that ever convene l in thle West, or any part of our country, popnularly known as the great Harbor and River Conveiitioen; wlere were mIet many of the most profound statesmen and eloquenct orators of our nation.

    That convention is an important era in the destiny of the West; an event beneficial b,,tli for the general earnest iiit rest which it excited, and the arguiments thalt it promulgated l in fivor of a liberal policy of ImDprovements by the Government, and for bringing together thousands of enterprising witnesses, from the East and South, to behold the fresh and looming WI, is, to examine its lresouirces-persons who, but fir this occasion, voull scarcely ihav ventured to its borders, where they might a Il.

    TI e writer, then for the first time visited the stites of lf: And he has since met many now residents in those states, who, like himself, first came here as delegates to the Harbor and River Convention, and upon seeing, at once resolved to locate permanently. And in Iowa, too, many have settled in the same manner. To adventurers in different departments of business, it presents advantageous openings; to the rich capitatist, secure and profitable sources of investment; to the poor, easy opportunities of procuring pleasant and independent homes, with comfortable competence; and to all industrious, honest classes, a clear field and a fair strife; and in very few instances have those who were even moderately prudent and industrious, been disappointed in accomplishing their aims and expectations, or to do much better than they would have done, with the same means and effort, at the place from which they moved.

    Hence, those who originated and carried out the scheme of the great Harbor and River Convention have done good service to the country, which will long be joyfully remembered, as well by the early pioneer as the more recent settlers.

    In a communication to the JVN. Our New York firemen must try again; they have certainly been outdone. It was truly characterized as a Congress of Freemen, destitute, indeed, of pay and mileage, but in all else inferior to no deliberative body which has assembled in twenty years. Can we doubt that its effects will be most beneficial and endluring? There is not a century's difference between the two in aught but origin. The spacious Illinois Canal will soon add immensely to the trade of this Northern Emporium; but a railroad to Galena must soon follow, and will prove even more beneficial and remunerating.

    From this-period, particularly, then, is to be dated the commencement of that rush of immigration which has so rapidly peopled the states west of the Lakes; and which still continues, and long must continue, to pour a tide of population into that vigorous, progressing region.

    For the convenience of such, is this little book thrown out upon the public for its approbation; and while the writer is well acquainted and well satisfied with theWest, he confidently recommends all who are not satisfied with their situation in the Old States, to remove and settle in the New Ones; where every thing is fresh and improving, not sinking under moss-covered dilapidation, but where the yery appearances of all around are luxuriant and beautiful, affording new hopes, new energy, and new successes.

    Here are peculiarly promising inducements to thousands of those ingenious, energetic, and laborious young mechanics, who overthrong Eastern cities, to drive their trades, or engage in farming, or both, as may best suit their inclinations and circumstances.

    Thus, all will be benefited-those who go, by finding new and enlarged fields for operation, and those who stay, by having steady work and less competition. New towns are springing up on every hand, and rapidly growing; farmers are numerously settling down ill snug and sociable neighborhoods; and they must have various kinds of mechanic work, for which they will make sure pay at fair prices.

    Then in the young villages printers are wanted, with their world-moving implements-Press and Types-to bring them the news and advertise their operations. Then let a portion of you, in the several branches, "pack your kits," and with resolute hearts and active hands, remove to the large and new scenes of enterprise, and be sure success and happiness will reward your efforts.

    Even though you are mechanics, it is well to buy a small farm, as soon as you conveniently can, that you may have a sure and in xx 0. In this way the toiler may receive a just share of the products and profits of his labor; and cap ital will not swallow up the "lion's half," as is too often the case in large cities and densely populated districts, where most of the property is owned by a few, and the many labor for them.

    Capital and labor should be real friends, and each receive its just share of honors and profits and rights; they are natural brothers, designed to be of eminent service to each other, and should exist and strive together, hand in hand-then both will be safer, happier, and nobler.

    Aluch more than formerly, the great resources of the West, its rapid increase in population, wealth, and political influence, have now become subjects of lively interest and daily discussion, throughout the country; and the Great West like brilliant visitors in the rich boudoirs of the fashionable and elegant, is now the general object of remark and admiration.

    Its location, as will be seen by reference to the map of the United States, asserts its important position, and indicates with clear certainty, that the voting majorities, and the direction of our government, will soon be with the West; the "Old Thirteen" possessing only about one fifth the area of territory that the New States and Territories embriace.

    Those regions are particularly adapted to grazing. They are for the most part elevated, dry, and healthy, abounding in rich grasses and pure water. The extent of country to which I refer, embraces an era more than twice that of the original thirteen States of the Union, and is destined to be occupied by an intelligent, industrious, and energetic race of men, not inferior in any respect to those who inhabit the old states. Nature has designed it for the habitation of an agricultural people.

    As the Western States and Territories become settled, and agricultural products accumulate, new railroads and canals become necessary to furnish means of transportation to the seaboard.

    The West is desirqus of securing every avenue to the sea. It requires the navigation of the Mississippi and of 0 xxi. Lawrence, the canals of New York, Pemlsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois, and all the railroads now constructed or in process of construction, from the sea-coast to the Mississippi valley. And all these facilities will yet prove insufficient to form adequate outlets for the constantly accumulating products of the Western farmers.

    New lines of communication will be called into existence, and it is doubtful whether the capital and enterprise of the country will keep pace with the increased demands for internal improvements. In those early days, to undertake such an enterprise was, in fact, taking their lives in their hands, as it were, to part with friends at the dear old homes, with blessings and sadness, in trembling apprehension whether they should ever again meet in timeto set off on the long and perilous journey, to Central or Western New York, in quest of new homes and fortunes; considered then' a brave, adventurous undertaking; and by the more staid and cautious ones, it was pronounced a fool-hardy project; a tour, which at that period did, indeed, require more time, hardships, and deprivation, than is now suffered in a trip to the Missouri river.

    Some, even, with extra undaunted enterprise, ventured far away to Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana, then equal to a trip now to Oregon or California, and was entered upon with as much deliberate preparations as are the long journeys at the present time to the Pacific.

    Those expeditions were performed at the slow, tedious movements of pack-horses and tardy team-wagons, through Indian trails, or half-cut roads. Even migration from Eastern to Western New York, at that period, was considered by many, as a wild and doubtful undertaking.

    Upon the completion of the Hudson River Railroad, from New York to Albany, in the first week of October, , the Xew York Daily Tinmes publishes the following bit of steamboat history, which is not inappropriate here, and will be interesting to many: The steamiboats have reigned supreme over the noble waters of the Hudson forfortyJolir year-s.

    It was on September 28, , that FULTON'S boat first undertook the arduous task of statedly ascending the river to the capital, for the transmission of passengers. The following advertisement was discovered yesterday in a stray copy of'Tithe.

    The coincidence oft the times and seasons for the commencement of steam navigation and of steam travel by rail on the river is striking. And the contrast of the time and fare table with that now used on the railroad is quite as remarkable: She will leave New York exactly at 9 o'clock in the morning of the following days, and always perform her voyage in from 30 to 36 hours.

    Friday - - —.. No other floated on the waters of the world; and profoundly did the good folk admire at the courage of those who ventured to trust themselves to the perilous enterprise. Think of the prodigious advance upon previous modes of conveyance, when the trip from one town to the other was actually accomplishled in' 30 to 36 hours,' instead of four or five days, as the old lumbering stage-coach or tub-like sloop was wont to have it.

    There were who had great faith in the invention, and foresaw dimly its grand results. Witness the following communication, which appeared in The Evening Post of October 4, The steamboat appeared to glide as easy and rapidly as though it were calml, and the machinery was not in the least impeded by the waves of the Hudson, the wheels moving with their usual velocity and effect.

    Without being over-sanguine, we may safely assert that the principles of this important discovery will be applied to the improvement of packets and passage-boats, which for certainty, safety, expedition, and accommodation, will far surpass any thing hitherto attempted. The invention is highly honorable to IMr. Fulton, arid reflects infinite credit on the genius of our country.

    Could the veil of the'to come' have been lifted before the eyes of the prophet, and the log-book of the Baltic or the time-table of a railway train been presented to him, how inconceivable must have been his astonishment. How short the time it takes now-a-days to work wonders! The PURITAN was that noble tree, hardly and vigorous, which had thus spread, and still is spreading, its roots and branches far and wide; knowing no narrower bounds to their achievements than, that the project is RIGHT and DESIRABLE; this fairly settled, it must be accomplished; danger, obstacles, privations, enter not into the account, until the enterprise is commenced; and then only to calculate how they may be best removed or surmounted.

    This was the original Puritan in his transit and settlement to this continent, and afterward to many states of the Union. And in those original architects of this great nation, whom the "M lay Flower" bore to Ply7siouth Rock, we have anll example of glorious daring and marvelous accomplishment-in principle and project-surpassing any the world ever saw, or soon again will witness-worthy fathers of an enterprising progeny who have commenced peopling the West.

    Where lakes, plainls, and mountains, inspiring or solemn, Keep their tales of that strife, anid its monuments be The: After the Erie Canal was built-the glorious father of transit improvements in our country-tithe great financier that has paid and made the internal improvements of the Empire State-a different state of things exists; by even that line alone-connecting the Hudson, the Ocean, with the Lakes, and before the advent of railroads-transportation of persons and property was comparatively easy, cheap, and quick; the speed and cheapness with which flour, pork, and other articles were carried from Buffalo and Rochester to Albany and New York, and merchandize brought back, were matter of delighted marvel to thousands, even those who had been most sanguinely anticipating the completion and operations of that extraordinary work-an artificial water-passage, three hundred and sixty miles, from Ocean to Lake!

    And well may the people of the Empire State, of the Western States, feel lively respect for the great minds who projected and stuck by it to the day of its completion. They are held in honor as public benefactors, not only for its beneficial effects immediately on the line and in the state, but for the general spirit of enterprise, and far-reaching confidence in magnificent improvenments which it has excited and fostered; this is the great benefit of the construction of the Erie Canal-the will and confidence which it has inspired throughout the nation in such enterprises.

    Soon, however, the universal Yankee nation began to feel that the five-mile-an-hour gait of canal was too slow, they should not be able to get on in the world at such a pace; they must be shot ahead with steam; they must have Railroads. And Railroads we have; the cars are found dashing and smoking through the country in every direction; so that we now have railroad, steamboat, and canal packets between the Atlantic and Great Lakes. Emigrants and travelers will make their own choice among these several conveyances from the Eastern cities to Dunkirk and Buffalo; where again they can take safe and pleasant boats for the Western States.

    There is steamboat communication all of the way, and railroad part of it, from Lake Erie to Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, and Minnesota. Passenger and freight carriage is done very cheap and with very little delay; affording speedy returns and receipts for the sale of their produce. And this fact shows that the rich, fertile lands.

    This consideration is worth looking at a moment. Similar was the effect produced on the relative value of lands in Eastern and Western New York, by the opening of transportation through the Erie Canal; those West being of comparatively small value until the market facilities were opened; but since that time, they have risen to nearly or quite equal price, acre for acre; those on the Genesee and Tonawanda, with those on the Hudson and Mohawk rivers.

    O'Rielly became a resident of Rochester when it was but an embryo village-he early commenced the publication of a weekly newspaper there; and soon after started, in that place, the first daily paper printed west of the Hudson river. He continued in the editorial chair, at that city, some eighteen or twenty years; and held, at different times, important city offices, and several appointments under the General Government.

    He was also among the first to suggest and ablest to advocate several important measures of state policy; as the enlargement of the Erie Canal; the formation of the new Constitution; and the construction of railroads and telegraphs; while of the latter, his enterprise has extended lines through the Western and Southern States, far more extensively than has been done by any other person.

    In his book, Mr. In there were but two frame dwellings here, small and rude enough-one of which yet [] remaining to remind us of the change since the period when the occupants of those shanties had to contend against wild beasts for the scanty crop of corn first raised on a tract now in the heart of the city. This tract was a' mill lot,' bestowed by Phelps and Gorham on a semi-savage, called ' Indian Allen,' as a bonus for building mills to grind corn and saw boards for the new settlers in this region at that time.

    The mills decayed as the business of the country was insufficient to support them. Allen sold the property to Sir William Pultney, whose estate then included a large section of the' Genesee country. The city itself is a worthy monument of the glorious truth-a truth applicable to the social condition, perhaps, as well as the physical improvements of this region. O'Rielly very justly exults, and challenges comparison, in this wise: O'Rielly, even, in feelings of pride and partiality for Western New York.

    But at this date, he can truthfully record the statistics of a city which has proudly outstripped Rochester in the growth of its business and population. In , when Chicago coimmenced-as the small nucleus of an immense city-with half a hundred buildings and less than three hundred population, Rochester was already a city of some 12,, the former thus only about one thirty-sixth the size of the latter; and now, in some eighteen years growth, Chicago has advanced with such unequaled strides, that the "Garden City" contains above 30,, or over three fourths as much population as the "Flour City.

    In , or eight years, the population was fifteen hundred. But in , or eight years, the population of Milwaukee was over six thousand, or four times as much as Rochester during the same period.

    Thus the West most clearly and triumphantly bears away the palm for rapid growth; but she had a proud example, to be sure, in the progress of Western and Central New York. Wisconsin has also instituted a State Agricultural Society, which holds its first regular Meeting and Fair this Autumn. And here, before entering upon the general matter of this volume, several hints, of great importance to emigrants, suggest themselves to me.

    Persons moving West, who can do so, will find it much to their advantage to take with them a good supply of the necessary Materials and Stocks for raising fine fruits; such as seedlings, choice grafts, scions, buds, etc.

    They will find it not only a pleasure, but also profitable; as all such things once started in the West, are in constant demand at good prices; while all varieties of firuit always command ready sale. Seedling chestnut trees, filberts, and some other kinds, not indigenous to the States of Illinois, Wisconsin, and Iowa, are much wanted, and will find ready sale, in case you should take with you more than should be needed on your own premises.

    Locust seed is also useful and much needed there; as that specie of tree the thorn locust is preferable grows very rapidly and makes excellent fencing stuffs; besides being highly ornamental and comfortable, both to residences and to stock, on wide prairie farms. I have seen it grow to trees of four to six inches in diameter, in from three to five years, from the time of planting the seed, on those rank prairie-soils. Various thorn trees, or seeds, will be found useful where the emigrant can take them with him; the buck and the branching white varieties being generally preferred.

    The Osage orange is much used, and generally to advantage, but that is procured from an opposite direction of country-west of the Mississippi, and can be bought at Cincinnati, St. And particularly will those moving West findit desirable and profitable to take with them as much improved blood stock, sheep, hogs, and poultry as they can; for no region will more richly remunerate all expense and pains expended in such matters, than will the Prairie Country; where those things have been too much neglected.

    Far better is it for farmers and business men, going West, to take with them these articles, than to take so much furniture as many do, and so many farming utensils; these latter are useful, to be sure, but then, better ones can be procured at the factories in Western towns than are generally taken there from the East; for it is true that better plows, and harvesting and thrashing machines, are made there than in any other portion of our country, and better adapted to that section; therefore, it is decidedly better to transport stock and fruit than farming utensils.

    With a soil and pasturage unsurpassed on this continent; and a climate of great variety and highly favorable, the Western States ought to surpass their older neighbors, at the East, in stock-raising; and they can do it with proper effort-care in selecting good breeds-and by judicious crossing, and the high feeding so attainable on the prairies. Whether we consider stock-raising, grain-growing, or fruit-culture, there is nowhere combined more favorable circumstances, than in the region we are speaking of, for the agriculturist to "cause two blades of grass to grow, where but one grew before;" and thereby become the best " benefactor of mankind;" and this will science and industry accomplish.

    WVhere the ikIes,'inid their woodlands, like seas are extending, And the mountains rise lone in the center sublime! AT BUFFALO, on Lake Erie, in the State of New York, we will take cal in or steel'age passage-just as we feel able or inclined-both are comfortable, firom the manner steamboats are now constructed and arranged; the price of the former is 86 to. However, if they desire, and wish to save one or two days' time, persons can take steamboat to Monroe, Toledo, or Detrot; then the railroad across the State of Michigan, to Ailichigan City, in Indiana, then steamboat aigain to Chicago, and other towns on the western shore of Lake Michigan.

    Though performed in quicker time, the fare is higher. But fi r a view of the fine scenery, we now will take steamboat for the trip round the Upper Lakes, particularly as we are not in a great hurry. Soon our splendid steamer is on a start for a trip of some ten to twelve hundred miles through the Great Lakes, which is performed in from three to five days, the weather O.

    After passing through Lake Erie, touching on our way the beautiful and flourishing towns of Erie, Cleveland, and Detroit, besides many other smaller ones, we run up Detroit river, St. Clair lake, and a deep narrow river of the same name.

    A little farther on is the U. Station called Fort Gratiot, which, with its white buildings and pickets shining in the midst of the straight green pines, presents any thing but the grimvisaged appearance of war. On the opposite or northern side of the narrow river is the Canada shore; and it is a fiact very generally noticeable, that almost the entire distalce firom the heal of Lake Erie to the foot of Lake Huron, the Canada shore is the most beautiful, and presents a more favorable appearance for agriculture and business generally than the other side; and yet the tillage, the towns, the business, every thing on the States' side is incomparably ahead of that displayed upon the other.

    For the reason, every one can exercise his owvn philosophy or judgmient-we simply give the fiact. WNe make but a short stop here, and our steamer is off again to dash her way through that broad, deep, bold sheet, Lake HIuron, whose shores, if the weatlher be favorable, and allow us to be outside, will present to our view some surpassingly wild and romantic scenery, in the mingled features which compose its borders-huge pine forests skirting and fringing the ruagged, sand-drifted bauks, in many in 32 0.

    But if Old Boreas happen to be blowing some of his rude blasts of shivering breath, piping all hands above, there'll be cold comfort to sight-seers, and lively times throughout the vessel, until we reach MACKINAW, and under the lee of its lofty rock towers and wooded shores obtain secure and tranquil moorings.

    But before reaching the harbor, and upon entering the celebrated Straits, we shall pass two large and picturesque islands, of wild and rugged aspect-timbered and rocky; the largest is Bois Blanc, and the other Drummond island.

    Then we soon reach Mackinaw island, on which is situated the town and old fort of the same name. Here was established one of the earliest posts of French Jesuits, in their adventurous explorations about the middle of the 17th century; some ambitious for discovery, and others in quest of fortunes by trading with Indians for their furs. About the close of the last war, Liceut. ITere is the deep, narrow channel through which the waters pass from Lake Michigan to HIuron; and here is seen the most rugged yet picturesque scenery to be met in our whole route, and surpassed by but few locations-in any part of our country.

    Here are towering ledges of pillared and strata rocks, summit-crowned with everlasting pines, 33 0. Mackinaw is becoming every year more and more a place of summer resort, principally by Southerners, for health and pleasure; as the opportunities for hunting and fishing are considerable. With pure' water and air, and exciting incentives to healthful exercise, it cannot well fail to meet the expectations of visitors, and effect the end for which they go to that place.

    The permanent population is composed of French, Indians, and half-breeds, with a few business men; besides the officers and soldiers stationed in the U. Garrison on the hill above. The articles of export consist almost entirely of lumber, fish, peltries, and Indian fabrics; the latter being much purchased by visitors and passengers, while the boats make their short stops for wood, fish, etc. What, with the neat white buildings, bastions, fences, and other fixtures of the fort, as they stand along on elevated terraces, and the winding walks ranged around, one above another, up the towering banks of green turf and gray rock; the waving forests and beetling observatory still rising in the back ground; with the busy little village under the bluffs along the water's edge, and the Indian canoes scattered about upturned on the pebbly beach, while numerous schooner masts and steam pipes stretch up fiom the harbor —altogether, Mackinaw exhibits some of the most charmingly diversified and unique views that can well be imagined, particularly as seen from the boat on a bright day when riding through the Straits.

    On the other side the shores and peaks present more of a bald sandy appearance, studded with scattering clumps of pine trees, and small shrubs of other varieties.

    Yet, above all, the gorgeous spectacle of sun-setting, as 34 0. The glorious sun, as he swings down from the circling, curv-ing strata of deep red and blue clouds ill the west-piled up in series closer and darker along the lake's horizon, but becoming more mellow and dispersed as the sight stretches farther up the soft ethereal vault above-emblazons the rippled surface with crimson and molten gold, as it were chased in brilliant metals, while the small broklen ric1ges of serf curl along with a whiter glow, like flowing rol es studded with sparkling gems; investing the whole scene with the most enchanting splendor.

    And at such times may be seen, through the mellow radiance, vessels standing away upon this glittering mirror beneath the blood-red clouds, stretched one over another in fervid folds, their canvas taking the hues of the surrounding elements throw back their reflected duplicates into the swelling bosom of the deep; and, with more or less sail set, as the breeze will permit, are wafted gracefuilly along, resembling so many giant birds with their glittering wings all spread, and plumage of varied huesfabled phenixes-just risen from the flaming depths, as if, with their own fiery wings fanned into existence, so little do they resemble cumbrous earth-forms.

    And at these times, too, when the lakes are-on fire with the gleaming sunbeams, to see the mighty steamer like a thing of life plowing through this sheet of waving crystals, emitting clouds of smoke, sparks and vapor, gives to fancy the impression that it is the legitimate voyager of these promethean elements.

    To the enthusiastic student of nature-be he pencilartist, poet, or philosopher-a visit here is above pecuniary price. Once witnessing these scenes will furnish the mind with more matter for delighted and elevated reflection, than scores of horse-races, prize-fights, and circusrouts.

    And any one who can spare time and money for a 35 0. Kings love royal robes of magnificence; but all others dwindle into tame ins,ignificance, when the King of Day here displays the splendid vestments of his morning and evening, wardrobe. Go then' and see, for I can but faintly portray, the brilliance of this picture gallery of nature; unsurpassed even by Oriental dreams of mystic enchantment in fairy isles. Then visit, ye lovers of pleasure and sight-seeing, Lakes Hiuron and Michigan-bathe in their waters, hunt among their island forests, read in their grottos, where fragrant boughs are wildly interlaced above you, and you may drink deep of the fullest cup of rural life and romance.

    It is a wild and strange retreat, As ever was trod by outlaw's feet. CLARK, though descriptive of a different location, express enough in common with this place to render them an appropriate quotation here, while their high-toned genius make them acceptable everywXhere: When the tired sea-bird dips his wings in foam, And hies him to his beetling, eyry home;.

    When sun-gilt ships are parting from the strand, And glittering streamers by the breeze are fanned; WVhen the wide city's domes and piles aspire, And rivers broad seemed touch'd with golden fire; Save where some gliding boat their luster breaks, And volumed smoke its murky tower forsakes, And surging in dark masses, soars to lie, And stain the glory of the up-lifted sky; Oh, who at such a scene unmoved hath stood, And gazed on town, and plain, and field, mid flood, Nor felt that life's keen spirit lingered there, Through earth, and ocean, and the genial air?

    The soil is good, the timber excellent, and the general appearance of the island is delightful. They are situated at the mouth of Traverse Bay. Other small timbered tracts called the Fox islands are located near by them.

    Somewhat farther up the lake, to the left of the usual steamboat course, are the Mca,itou islands, two romantic and healthful resorts, where fishing and hunting may be enjoyed to the highest zest of those rural sports; the shores and forests are beautiful, the water clear and cold, and the air bracing; there is some resort to these bright pastoral retreats for health, pleasure, and business; and steamers land here for wood, fish, etc.

    The pleasure of 3 few days' ram les here will richly compensate the pleasure-seeker for his expense and pains. In the opp osite direction, near the entrance of Green Bay, are the Gr,co! Traverse islands, which possess many of the charaCteslisies of the other islands in Lake Michi gan; any of which.

    These islands passed, we soon reach the'State of Wzs consin. It is a thriving town of some 1, population, having a fair harbor at the mouth of the river, with a pier and lighthouse; considerable business is done here, and numbers of emigrants land every year. The county contains a population of about 4, The land is heavily timbered, generally, with pinle, oak, maple, and other varieties; and some places considerably broken by the water-courses, which furnish good water-powers.

    The soil is rich and deep, mostly a heavy clay, with frequent strips of sandy loam. The lumber trade from this region is extensive, and a source of gain to the inhabitants.

    Mluch good government land is yet for sale here at SHEBOYGAN is the next town, as we proceed south, or up the lake, some thirty miles; it is somewhat ahead of the last named town in population and business, but much the same in general characteristics, with a similar kind of business-lumber and fish; having good piers and other harbor facilities, which must enable it to attain considerable importance in commercial operations.

    Sheboygan county contains some 8, population, and in the general description of its soil, timber, streams, etc. Emigration to this county is coinsiderable; but still there is plenty of land to be bought at government prices.

    Like most of the lake counties, this one has Plankroads passing through it toward the 38 0. In various parts of these counties there are settlements of industrious Dutch and Norwegian immigrants, who are making worthy progress in felling the forests and tilling the soil.

    It was off this port that, a few years ago, the terrible and melancholy catastrophe of the burning of the propeller Phaiix. OZAUK,EE formerly Port Washington lies still south some thirty miles; it is the county-seat of Was1hiigton county, and contains a population of near 2,; with convenient harbor facilities; and sustained by a country much the same in soil, timber, inhabitants, and business pursuits, as that north of it; and which is being rapidly settled up by the tide of emigration, and by them industriously cultivated.

    Washlinigton county contains about 20, inhabitants, and presents many fine farmns, with ample room for many more. Water-power and timber are abundant here; and much government land yet for sale. In this, as in the other counties north of it, good quarries of stone are found, both for building and lime. MIilwaukee is a city of some twenty years' growth, and now contains 20, population.

    It is noted for its splendid blocks of buildings, and its superior brick, which probal ly surpass those made in any other part of our nation. They have become a valuable article of export to many towns on the Great Lakes, and are an object of admiration with all who see them, being hard, smooth, and of a beautiful straw color.

    There are also several Plankroads leading from the citv to different points in the interior, affording valuable convenience for hauling the country produce to the lake for Eastern shipment, and taking merchandise back. A better idea of the progress and character of this fine young city and county may be formed firom reading some extracts firom LAPIIAnM's book, published in , in contrast with its present size and business.

    Turns out, I have some funny things to say about what it means to be a Wisconsin Trophy Wife — which just really means that I live in Wisconsin, work from home and take care of every. Although, in full transparency, I work from home and I sometimes do eat Hughes toffee, watch Netflix and take a nap after my daily workout.

    Oh, and I float in my hot tub in the middle of the day and send asshole Snapchats to all my friends who are in offices. Ok, so what do these two things — Snoop Dogg and My Facebook following have to do with each other? I may or may not be stoned, or more accurately, I may or may not wish I were stoned.

    Tits up to you! It does not refer to good looks, age or being a kept-woman as described in a typical definition of a trophy wife. I might get CoolSculpting instead of just wish for it. My eight-year-old son is a piece of work. But, in fairness to him, he comes by it honestly. This child has been taking me to the brink and cracking me up for years. He is hilarious and maddening at the same time. I think I am too young to make my own. Are we going to be poor?

    My husband shared this ditty with me. Driving home from Up North where they erected no pun intended a deer stand in advance of hunting. My husband is driving, daughter is riding shot gun and dog and boy are in the back seat. Son in a very thoughtful tone: Like if you want a baby…what you have to do sounds really gross. Husband who has a fantastic poker face: Unfortunately, if you want a baby, you have to do that.

    My children had just returned home from a visit with my parents. An Aflac commercial came on. Then I had to explain what insurance is and how it works. And he is right. I am the worst at patiently following all the fucking old people who wait until I have to be somewhere to go for a drive in the left-hand lane. If there is a turn involved, I am pretty sure their biggest fear is going up on two-wheels, and flipping upside down.

    Because, when you take a corner at 3 mph, that is a very big risk. Oh, and no biggie, when the light turns green, please just fucking sit there. Think about going but then hustle up when it turns yellow so you can make it though and MAYBE the person behind you too.

    I started writing this blog last week, and have been sitting on it, putting the finishing touches, etc. But last night, I hit pay dirt when I was visiting my in-laws. You see, up until last night, I, for the most part, claimed responsibility for the mind of this child.

    I figured that since he was most like me, he was my cross to bear for life as my karmic lessons play out. A picture of my husband at probably about the same age. Nothing makes me happier than watching a local newscast.

    It brings me such joy because it is so wholesome and good. There is one station that I am addicted to because they absolutely give no fucks. In fact, when one reporter in particular gets on camera, I always pretend that my eyes are burning out. I make it as dramatic as I can so my husband will look up from the latest iPhone game that he is hooked on to laugh at me as I fall to the floor and twitch around pretending I have been visually assaulted. Recently, their lead story was a man who breastfed his newborn baby for one reason or another.

    They literally spent 4 minutes on explaining why this was happening, how it was done, and then finished the segment with a lactation expert…or maybe just a nurse. Every single morning, someone starts their segment with their mic off. After about 30 seconds, the mic turns on.

    For this one, I have to expand beyond my favorite station to recognize that on the west side of the state, there is a journalist named Tajma Hall. I am assuming that is not her real name?! Packers and high school sports. There is one commercial that busts me up every time.

    Even when it is 70 and sunny, it still can eat up 10 minutes of a broadcast. God forbid there is snow or rain.

    I do love my weather men though, they are so cute and they have to figure out how to work backwards with that green screen.

    They are usually happy. I am not sure if Spanky is aware that there is a snow penis behind him ready to penetrate the state of Wisconsin. You can see why I love local news. If you have a good local news station, let me know. About two weeks ago, I took my daughter to New York for a long weekend. I had planned to blog about it sooner, but I have been doing laundry and grocery shopping constantly since.

    This post is devoted to me sharing a few travel tips to help you, my devoted six fans, on your next vacation. Who are we kidding? This blog is not a source that anybody should consult for life advice, but I do have a few things to share that could be helpful. If you are going to a place like NYC, book your tours in advance. Fortunately, I did this and learned that if I had not, we would have missed out.

    Gourmet cupcakes are gross. Yes, even at famous cupcake places. My daughter and I both agreed that the Walmart bakery makes the best. People are assholes — see the best picture at the very end I got at the John Lennon memorial. Always always always have something for your kid to barf in. Picture this — mother and daughter get up at 3: Once on the plane, mother dozes off and briefly gets a reprieve from the stress of packing, logistics, keeping a ten-year-old moving in the right direction and general sucking the fun out of life.

    Slowly, said mother feels the pressure in her ears as the descent into NYC begins. The seatbelt light goes on and the flight attendants take their spots in the plane. A little bumpity bump…a little more bumpity bump…but still able to drift in and out of consciousness.

    Whoa…lots of bumpity bump. And then this mother is brought to life due to a large eruption from the left, where her ten-year-old daughter was watching an iPad. A huge spray of Biscoff cookie and ginger ale barf hits the back of the seat in front of her and quite possibly the head of the man in front Holy shit — man quickly turns around, sees that he got vomited on, and then turn his head to the front of the plane a smart move or he might have gotten a mouth full in the next explosion.

    This mother, yes me, wakes the fuck up and starts searching for a barf bag. Not one fucking barf bag in row Second explosion…this time, since I am sitting up, thereby giving the explosion a place to land, it gets in my hair, on my jacket, on my backpack and jeans.

    By this time, a sympathetic mother in row 11, hands me a barf bag from her row. Also, by this time, the worst was over. We dug out the few crumpled and used tissues from our jackets and wiped up her face and then sat for the next 15 minutes while the plane landed and taxied in.

    We sat there until most passengers deplaned. The dude in front of us never looked back thank God because I had no words. Finally, we got up and made a run for it. On the way out, I causally suggested to the attendant that she clean up on Row 10 and possibly restock the barf bags in all rows. We made it to the first bathroom and did a little clean up. Then, we limped to baggage claim, got our luggage and did a complete outfit change in the restroom.

    Truthfully, I should know better. My kids have barfed on me and the things I love for years. Oddly enough, my hair has caught a lot of the carnage.

    But I have religion now — in a car, taxi, plane, boat and subway, I always carry a plastic bag, so they can aim for that and not me.

    It only took me 10 years to learn this life lesson. I recently finished a book where the character maintained a Stupid Words List.

    And since I am feeling a little bitchy today, I decided to write my own version. It will probably come as a shock, but I have strong opinions about some words and phrases. This is probably a result of me simply having a lot of words that need to come out of me in a day and a career in corporate communications.

    To that end, my version is called: I just hate that name. I truly truly hate that word. Call it anything but a fart.

    I think we can all be a little more creative. Borrow when used incorrectly. However, since Wisconsin people are somewhat my target audience, maybe they will read this and get it right. This is a life-changing blog right here. Strategically — another one that is used in business and goes all over me. There are so many alternatives.

    If it is, how is it different than regardless? It just sounds so creepy. I hate that word after watching too many seasons of The Bachelor and Bachelorette. And sometimes, it is the perfect word for the situation. How else do you describe brownie batter? How else do you explain why you are covered in band-aids after sitting through a meeting that lasted too long? Basic — I think that it is the perfect word to describe a lack of creativity. I think it is funny and I feel bad for them because sometimes auto correct or voice-to-text are an assholes.

    Since you all stood and applauded about my last blog post , here is my encore…Gosh, you guys are such fans, thank you! Ok, that is all Bullshit. I was hiking with a friend and telling her about the JT concert when I suddenly remembered the weirdest part about the experience AND that I forgot to blog about it. Have concerts evolved that much? It went like this: JT belts out last song, everyone cheers, he walks off stage and the lights go on.

    I stood there stunned. Or more accurately, I, like the rest of the somethings, got in the cattle call of exiting the venue, but I was perplexed. And the second thing that was perplexing is that nobody else was perplexed.

    They just pulled their phones out, started hitting Instagram and Facebook and walked their booties right out of there. A year or so ago, I went to a Stevie Nicks concert and there was a respectable encore. She twirled and sang her best. Prior to that, I went to a Lumineers concert, and I am pretty sure there was an encore. After I finish every meal, I swear it leads to an encore — usually of the chocolate variety. When did the concert encore go away? Or did poor JT get fucked by the newness of Fiserv Forum?

    Dick in a Box and Mother Lover would have been appreciated. He can take that fucking Troll song and never play it again. But, it was weird and kind of disappointing. No more to say on concerts. This is really the end. Hey there, I am super cool. I stayed up past It was a good time, but it struck me the next day, when I had to volunteer at the food pantry at 8: We were at the new Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee, and we were high.

    Justin Timberlake looked like a little clay figure off in the distance. I had a better view of him on Instagram earlier in the week when he and his wifey-pooh posted their disappointment that there was no food being served at the Emmys. Oh, and my ticket cost almost as much as my cable bill, which is A LOT. Instead of smoking the real shit, we smoked candy cigarettes.

    That sounds super stupid and it was. They took it and properly smoked it. Conversation is also different. I am PTO president. Who is proud of that and announces it at a JT concert? And as an aside, the well-intended good deed of volunteerism has already fucked me in the eyeball.

    But some things are a lot better about seeing a concert in your 40s. First, you can afford the good drinks before, during and after. I guess back then, the meal was afterwards, and it was at Perkins. And, since everyone around me was about my age I never saw so many inverted lobs, skinny jeans, and booties , it was ok to sit. No need to stand all the time!

    And, afterwards, everyone hopped in their Swagger Wagon with a designated driver at the wheel and politely exited the venue. Actually, I think they were both annoyed when I turned on the light, made a bunch of noise while I washed my face, brushed and flossed my teeth and then scooted the dog over to make room for me. I am a big gamer. Not the video game kind, but the kind of gamer that likes to make up silly games — and they can be elaborate at times.

    A number of the interviews and archival documents demonstrate that villagers were consuming food substitutes and adapting traditional recipes and hunger-coping techniques used in previous times.

    These include eating wild herbs, tree trunks, and earth. Ordinary people mediated and continue to mediate traditional practices in food crises in their everyday life. Both provinces were among the worst hit by the famine. Furthermore, these two provinces present a measure of geographical and political diversity.

    They underwent similar and yet very diverse experiences during the time of the famine. In parts of Shandong, not far from its provincial capital Jinan, famine broke out as early as spring A government report from one village shows that famine had taken lives in less than six months. Villagers were forced to sell everything they had, including their children.

    They consumed over 50 different types of food substitutes during the time of the famine, including leaves from the scholar tree and caster-oil plant, grass for feeding pigs, young stems from the Tree of Heaven Ailanthus , wheat husks, sorghum flowers, grass seeds, coarse chaff, corn husks, peanut skins, bean leaves, potato sprouts, elm bark, and water melon rinds.

    In the far southwest, the situation was equally bleak. Famous for his harsh personality and radical leadership style who often compared himself to former warlords, Li was an ardent supporter of the Great Leap Forward. After spending one week in Shizhu county, I confirm the problem here was very severe and shocking.

    The number of deaths was enormous. According to the police investigation, the total population in was more than , In and the death rate reached 63, For instance, in Shuitian commune, the death rate was In Dahe commune, for instance, the death rate in the Number 3 administrative district was as high as The most severe case was Xianfeng administrative district in Donghua commune. The Banzhulin collective canteen used to have 9 families, a total of 37 people, but now only 3 families, comprising 7 people, are still alive.

    I have heard very shocking things. For instance, in Shuitian commune because the number of deaths had grown very high, the commune simply dug a big hole and threw more than 40 dead bodies into it. The corpses were left there unattended. Two kilometers from the county town in Dengjian commune, over 60 dead bodies were buried by the river embankment. More than 20 were left exposed, attracting a few scavenging dogs that tried to pull the bodies away.

    No one seemed to care. There have also been at least five incidents of people eating dead human flesh and we heard that in Dahe commune there were even incidents of living people being devoured by others. The dead children were carried out in bamboo baskets, one basket after another. In his village, a huge number of people starved to death during the famine. He lost his father, and his mother suffered severe oedema as a result of the famine. He and his sisters tried to survive on their own.

    Even to this day he still has a vivid memory of a whole repertoire of things he and fellow villagers consumed in order to stave off hunger and to survive the famine:. In I was about 10, and I was still in the school. From the school we had to walk a long way to the collective canteen.

    The canteen was so far away, and quite often I did not go. Instead my family pickled some radish. At meal time we soaked them in hot water, and drank the water. What else did we eat? We also ate wild celeries and banana stalks.

    We used to peel the outer part of the stalk, and chew up the heart—just like one would chew up sugar cane. We also ate cakes made of pea stalks. We first milled the stalk into flour. We would then sieve the flour and use them to make cakes. One person could only get one cake. At the time, there were seven of us in the family. For all seven of us we only got a small bowl of food from the canteen: I was only a young boy then. The food we received was not enough to fill my stomach, so with other children of my age, we went up to the hill to collect some rape stalks.

    We took the stalks home, and blanched them. Afterwards we would squeeze out the excess water and cook them in a pan. We would cook them until they turned into a thick stew. We ate that to ward off the hunger. We also ate insects such as crickets. When I caught a cricket, I just put it straight into my mouth. Just like that, I ate it alive.

    We also ate little worms. The worms live in the earth. After ploughing, they emerged on the surface. We would light a fire and cook them over the fire. Some people also ate toad, but I did not eat it. I was frightened of it. Even now I am still frightened of it. I did eat snake, however. My father was still alive then. Once he cooked a snake and I ate some. The snake bones were so hard, I could not chew them.

    I only remember the soup was very white. It was so greasy that even now I could still feel the grease when I touch the things I wore at the time. I could not wash away the greasy feeling. My wife teases me sometimes about this. She says I am suffering now because I was too fond of food and so I ate anything.

    I also ate water celery, a wild vegetable that grows on the edge of farming fields. I would eat them either pickled or cooked.

    It was some kind of white clay. It came in pure white colour, and people used it to make porcelain. It had a sandy texture. Since we were so hungry in those days, people would mix the white clay with some water to make pancakes. We used to fill our stomach with that. One old lady was severely constipated after eating it. She had to use her fingers to scoop out the hard stool.

    We also ate ramie leaves. They were used to make shoes. But during the time of the famine, we chopped them up finely and made pancakes to feed ourselves. Amongst the food stuffs Chef Yan and villagers in his home area ingested, the practice of eating snake and earth, in particular, can be found in previous times.

    In southern China, the practice of eating snake dates back to at least the fourteenth century. The practice was said to be dated back to the Tang dynasty — Earth eating is also not new. The type of earth commonly consumed in China is bentonite. It has a high calcium content with a sticky consistency and is ideal for making pottery. In Africa, as well as in Medieval Europe, it has been and was common for pregnant women to consume bentonite, or a similar type of clay, due to its high calcium content.

    While earth-eating or geophagy may be universal, in China it has unique historical, cultural, and religious meanings. However, ordinary people discovered it as a means to survive hunger at the time when keeping alive was more of an issue than the pursuit of immortality. During the time of the Great Leap Famine, villagers in Sichuan, as well as in other parts of the country, rediscovered that earth-eating could combat hunger.

    In eastern Sichuan, the provincial government investigation team reported that earth-eating had become prevalent in Qu county and had caused a number of health hazards, including constipation.

    Qu county used to be a major granary for nearby regions, and it produced some of the best-quality pork and tangerines in the province. For many months in , more than 10, local villagers had to endure eating earth to fill their empty stomachs.

    They dug up more than cubic meters of earth. Due to the large crowds and limited space, villagers often had to line up under the scorching sun. Some villagers had to travel from far away, so they arrived the night before and slept in the old temple on top of the mountain. Some old ladies even burned incense and paper money during the dig and bowed down to kowtow to the earth [gods]. Earth-eating often led to severe constipation, which in turn sometimes caused death.

    In one commune in Qu county, more than people were reported to have suffered stomach pain and constipation after eating earth, among them three people suffered from liver problems, 19 people suffered oedema, and six villagers died as a result.

    At the time my grandmother was still alive. Her situation was even worse. My mother and grandmother did not get on with each other, plus my grandmother was blind, and my grandfather was a cripple, so I had to endure the starvation myself, and save some food for them. We were given food coupons during that time, and to get food one had to have coupons [. Because my mother had a bad temper, I had to do it secretly.

    Occasionally, we were given rotten sweet potato from the state granary; we soaked them in the water several times, and then left them to dry. Once dried, we milled them into flour, and made cakes out of them. Those cakes had no taste. They tasted neither sweet nor bitter. How could we fill our stomachs? Sometimes we had to resort to eating earth. It was called immortal grain. Many people dug them up from underneath the wall, and pressed them into cakes.

    We ate anything we could find, and some things we ate were really crude and rough. People often suffered constipation.

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    cbd oil effects wholesale boutique [image] >>>>>Delivery of the product to all We have various products to suit the multiple needs and conditions of our clients. Given these results, Devinsky and his team of researchers concluded that . hemp seed oil buy online Brule Wisconsin # buy legal CBD hemp oil near mexican.


    Kendal grandmother has cannabis oil product market stall shut An Introduction to the Benefits of Cannabidiol. . Our Whole Office Got (Legally) Stoned on Dirty Lemon's New CBD Tribe Reaches Agreement With Wisconsin Attorney General Over “We have to make a tasty beer first,” says Boyle.


    Saturday, February 14, RAPIDS Page Cancer Movie at Vesper Tuesday Pictorial Profiles New Books at the Librarv iff iTk The White Rabbit by Bruce.


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