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Man Marijuana Medicine After Strain Jeff Sessions Names Dispensary



  • Man Marijuana Medicine After Strain Jeff Sessions Names Dispensary
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  • Count a Denver dispensary chain's decision to name a marijuana strain after United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions among the latter. DENVER -- A strain of marijuana sold at a Denver dispensary has taken on Bradler Roddy, owner of the local Medicine Man pot shop, has named his latest hybrid weed Marijuana stocks jump after Jeff Sessions resigns. Medicine Man dispensaries rleased a specialty strain named after the infamous anti-cannabis politian, Jeff Sessions. Jeff Sesh-On's.

    Man Marijuana Medicine After Strain Jeff Sessions Names Dispensary

    However, Massie has hopes that his stand-alone hemp bill will get a hearing in the House Judiciary Committee , whose chairman, Bob Goodlatte, represents Virginia, which legalized industrial hemp in January Without any protection from Congress, every marijuana grower and dispensary owner who came out of the shadows to become a taxpaying member of the legal recreational cannabis industry in Colorado, Oregon, Washington state and Alaska has exposed himself to potential criminal prosecution by a DOJ run by Sessions.

    A list of potential defendants would number in the hundreds The National Cannabis Industry Association, a trade group, boasts more than 1, dues-paying members. The higher the profile of these cannabis businesspeople, the more at risk to federal prosecution—like when the Justice Department under George W. But beyond going after those engaged in legal recreational weed, what could Attorney General Sessions actually do to reverse the progress of legalizing marijuana?

    His group, said Kevin Sabet, SAM's founder and president, "looks at marijuana use as a public health issue, not a moral issue. We don't think people should be in prison for using marijuana, and we don't want to see arrest records for young people caught smoking marijuana. It could issue a new memo to the states that have not implemented marijuana sales yet and say that they advise those states not to allow them.

    DOJ could also say that in the next six months they will enforce the Cole Memo and determine if states have violated its terms. Without any restraint from Congress and being egged on by the likes of Project SAM, the only thing that could stand in Attorney General Sessions's way of launching a new front in the marijuana wars is the president-elect. But Trump's exact views on the issue remain elusive and mixed at best. At the annual conservative CPAC gathering in February , then-candidate Trump expressed support for medical marijuana, but drew the line at recreational adult use: And I feel strongly about that.

    But they've got a lot of problems going on right now in Colorado. But I think medical marijuana, percent. But that lack of clarity could in itself be a green light for an attorney general predisposed to act aggressively. They will use it as another example for the promoting the so-called opioid crisis. Opioids work the best for me. Happy you found something the really works and sorry you now feel the way you do about the one thing that does work for us pain warriors….

    Blessings to the Pain Warriors. This will hurt pain patients who need opiates. Most of us use them properly and without all this scaremongering. I would never write to Jeff Sessions though. He needs to be fired! He is a do-nothing attorney general. Good luck in your endeavors. I have been a chronic pain pt. I have weaned myself off methadone and morphine, currently starting to wean off oxycodone.

    I recently hit a wall because my pain level to high and because now having issues with my lower back, but after reading Michaelas letter to Mr. Sessions I think if this works for someone they ought to have access to it! No one likes to take opioids because of side effects and risks that they pose. We have to do better for me and these patients.

    Well Michaela yes a very well written letter but I take offense to you saying that anyone using opiods is or will become addicted. Also there are some that I know that have used medical marijuana but cannot afford what you say you are on. Totally agree and was just going to say the same thing as Tricia. Thank you dear heart. Signed, Chronic pain patient using opiods for moments of relief.

    I agree with Tricia. It feels like someone has poured burning acid on you and then the Allodynia feels like someone has peeled back your skin and rubbed salt in it!! Please think of others before you speak out, otherwise you sound very self-serving.

    First, I wish this young lady all the luck in the world with her letter to Jeff Sessions. Millions of people take them for pain and have their lives greatly improved.

    We are all different. These blanket policies do NOT apply to everyone. Affirming Sessions negative opinion on opiods will only hurt the rest of us. Good Luck on getting through to him re medical marijuana because no one else has. So well written that even ancient government toadstools can comprehend. I support you wholeheartedly and hope this provides another alternative for those of us who are struggling to find a way to cope with a daily chronic pain. I read the letter and sad for your fight.

    I am glad you found something that works for you. Everybody has different chemical processes. In general we function the same but at the organic levels we differ. I have had 4 spine surgeries in 3 years. I had a crushed nerves that cause significant pain on both sides.

    My low dose percocet allows me to function at work but not much more than that. Now only 4 months out from surgery to fix the major CSF leak the government is forcing pain doctor to lower my already low dose of pain medicine.

    This dosage keeps my pain at a level around a 4. You see I know what a 10 really is, if the nerves are not severed but crushed it is so painful , in my case, felt like my leg was being torn from my body. I was in the hospital and they could not provide relief until surgery.

    Now I pray everyday that I will be able to make it 8 hours at work. So we should solve the problem of crazy opioid crisis but not just generically across the board replace with MMJ. Also not replace what works for some and force on all. Some of us have documented injuries and disease that opioids help us live. I wish that there was a way leaders could endure our pain without leaving them injured so they could know what it is like to live without relief.

    What an articulate young woman and what a great idea. They take a 2 hour class and fill out forms so patients can get licenses. Then the patients are on their own.

    You are an inspiration. What neither Sullivan nor Sessions realized, is that Sullivan has always been on the natural opiate Morphine. By relieving the gastroparesis, cannabis allows Sullivan to get a stable amount of tyrosine, and every other necessary nutrient, by eating like a normal person.

    Research is badly needed into how the body regulates morphine production. People whose intestines make too much morphine become violently nauseous if given an opioid by mouth. Such research has historically been funded by the NIH. In competing for attention and budget money, the CDC has ignored all the rival experts at NIH and pushed a crackpot theory that pain care somehow causes speed freaks to overdose on mixtures of pills and booze.

    Never mind that the dying speed freaks never saw a doctor for pain. In states like Colorado there are fewer speed freaks. Cannabis is in wide use. I too, use MMJ and no more narcotics.

    Tired of them interfering. But, as of now, there R no alternatives for chronic pain patients. I would like it legalized rec rationally too. Also I agree it would help dramatically improve many lives and help with addiction. Especially since most pain patients fight so hard for promoting new laws and regulations for the drug of choice that has helped her so greatly to regain her life!

    Great letter but keep it formal. Refer to him respectfully as Mr. Jeff is too personal and familiar. It is unnecessary and somewhat condescending. This again shows the is no single answer to every type of pain.

    There is an art to pain management. Family physicians who have attended years of meetings and studied the various methods available have gotten to know their patients as the individuals they are.

    They treat them as such, not items on conveyor belts. This unfortunate young lady has very specific needs and deserves to be treated as the very unique person she is with the best medication for HER, plant or chemical. So do all people when stricken with pain so they can continue to lead normal lives. Thank you for writing this heartfelt account of your struggle with a very difficult condition.

    My prayers are truly with you for a successful future. I love this girl!!!! A 20 year old just educated that man, told that man the facts, the truth and the way it is! Sessions must be fired. Congress has the power to reschedule cannabis or take it off the list so it can be legal throughout the U.

    Trump said it should be up to the States to decide this issue. So we must all contact your Congressman and demand cannabis legalization. Trump is the only person who could fire Sessions. Trump is not going to fire the little troll. America has a different view about pot than you do and that reflects on your difficulty now. Jeff Sessions, your name will go down in history, but not the way you wish it. Please get a clue, or at least stand aside and allow the grown-ups a turn!

    Wishful thinking with zero evidence. Sessions is a racist idiot that lives in the past. This clown needs to go…I hope Mueller is investigating his role in the Russian conspiracy and puts his arse in jail with those incarcerated for doing nothing but smoking marijuana.

    If Jeff Sessions is hell bent on enforcing this ridiculous law, that is totally fine. Laughing to tears over here. We are no longer going to be sheep who believe every lie out of your mouth, step down Mr Sessions we do not want or need you any longer, if we ever did, nuff said.

    Sessions is in court tomorrow for a lawsuit against him by a 12year old ex pro football player and others. I just have to know how he is going to respond to it.

    Those private prisons that gave Sessions and Trump money want their prisoners and they want them now! Gotta make good on the payoff! He can take cannabis off Schedule 1 anytime he wants too because he us authorized by our national drug policy to do so. Taking cannabis off the controlled substance list was first attempted in the Senate in and revitalized in The effort was to get it switched to Schedule 3.

    You need to read the controlled substances act. It explicitly says that the Attorney General has the power and the authority and the responsibility to rescedule substances as required by new science. So that leaves Congress….. It is up to each if cannabis is safe enough or has any approved medical use,,which is the very essence of the big lies they have used to keep cannabis where it is. Raise of hands for those who think the marijuana discussion is more important than treason and election meddling by the previous administration, Hillary Clinton, and all the alphabet agencies?

    Talk about fiddling while Rome burns…. Hey bonehead…if safety and security are so important, why are you trying to make America less safe and less secure by strengthening foreign drug cartels and smugglers? You force us to buy on the black market, which in turn means more profits for the Zetas and less tax revenue for our communities. Are you THAT freaking dense to not get this concept?

    Wake up, Jeff Sessions. Forgot about that one huh! Prioritize problems by Cause of Death and Emergency Room Admissions and leave your religion and ideology out of it. Under those guidelines, the most lives are saved and cannabis never comes up. The wave for legalization is forthcoming, just to watch Sessions and his opioid donors just age away with the legacy of this bumbling administration is pleasure enough..

    I just have Cancer for the last 18 months. I was a draft dodger in the Vietnam war. So stick to things you know about. Congrats on being 70, I am I was not referring to you on my comment but more on Sessions and this whole administration. I also am a medical marijuana patient thus this thing I know about. This thing with the little emperor will pass.

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    Perhaps Sessions is offended that there's a marijuana strain named after the former president and not after himself. Maybe if someone named a. "At the time we named it, Jeff Sessions was all up in the news," he says. Medicine Man Dispensary Names Marijuana Strain After Jeff. Following Sessions' resignation on Wednesday morning, stocks in cannabis companies soared, even removing the drug from the list of Schedule I substances with no medical benefit. Man Who Shared Drugs That Caused Fatal Overdose Appeals Conviction Search Pain Management in California.

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    Perhaps Sessions is offended that there's a marijuana strain named after the former president and not after himself. Maybe if someone named a.


    "At the time we named it, Jeff Sessions was all up in the news," he says. Medicine Man Dispensary Names Marijuana Strain After Jeff.


    Following Sessions' resignation on Wednesday morning, stocks in cannabis companies soared, even removing the drug from the list of Schedule I substances with no medical benefit. Man Who Shared Drugs That Caused Fatal Overdose Appeals Conviction Search Pain Management in California.


    It's no secret how Jeff Sessions feels about cannabis by now. Rather than living in fear, Medicine Man dispensary in Denver decided to do the best a number of names for the new strain, but eventually settled on naming it after the weed.


    Michiganders will be hearing more about various marijuana strains after recreational marijuana becomes legal on Thursday.

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